Current value: - BTC

  • Upon successful registration, follow us on Twitter and Retweet the pinned message, you will receive $10 worth of BTC to use for trading. The bonus is non-transferrable and non-withdrawable.
  • No deposit needed
  • Receive the Bonus immediately after CS confirmation
  • Trading profits can be withdrawn
  • Exclusively for new users. The Registration Bonus is only meant to be used for trading
  • Credited bonus cannot be used as part of Assets Exchange.



Current value: - BTC or - ETH

  • To qualify for the 50 USD Initial Deposit bonus, users need to make a first deposit of at least 0.2 BTC, 10 ETH, 500 EOS or 8000 XRP in a single transaction.
  • The deposit amount should exceed (including) 0.2BTC, 10ETH, 500EOS or 8000XRP
  • The bonus will be immediately transferred to your account
  • Trading profits can be withdrawn
  • The Deposit Bonus is non-transferrable and is only meant to be used for trading
  • Credited bonus cannot be used as part of Assets Exchange.

Multi-account registrations to churn bonuses or other dishonest behaviors will result in an immediate termination of all associated accounts


1. What is a Trading Bonus?

A Trading Bonus refers to a sum, in BTC, that is sent directly to your wallet on the exchange to be used for the testing and trading of our products in a real trading environment. The bonuses will be transferred directly to your account and allow you to start trading immediately. The bonuses are meant to be used for trading only and cannot be withdrawn. Please note that while the withdrawal function will be enabled after the initial deposit, it is recommended to withdraw only after having used the entire bonus as withdrawing would forfeit any bonuses remaining.

2. How to get a Trading Bonus?

Two Trading Bonuses are given out, the first one upon successful registration of new users, and the second after an initial deposit of at least 0.2BTC、10ETH、500EOS or 8000XRP is made.
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3. Which cryptocurrencies can I deposit in to get the initial Deposit Bonus?

Bonus promotion now supports both BTC, ETH, EOS and XRP initial deposits. By placing an initial deposit of either BTC, ETH, EOS or XRP, the system will automatically reward an equivalent to USD 50 of the corresponding cryptocurrency into your Bybit account.

4. Are we able to receive the bonus both for making an initial BTC and ETH deposit?

Unfortunately, no. Each account can only receive the bonuses once for the initial deposit of any cryptocurrency on Bybit. The system will automatically check the deposit timestamp to determine which cryptocurrency was first deposited and the corresponding bonus equivalent to USD 50 will be deposited into your Bybit account.

Trading Bonus Terms and Conditions

  • By participating in the Welcome Trading Bonus event, you hereby agree to comply and adhere to the following Bonus Terms and Conditions
  • The equivalent bonuses in BTC or ETH are calculated directly at the point of participation in the campaign and will immediately be credited into your account's wallet.
  • Upon successful registration, new users will receive $10 worth of BTC. Additionally, users depositing at least 0.2 BTC or 10ETH as their initial deposit will receive $50 worth BTC or ETH for a grand total of $60 worth of BTC or ETH for the entire event.
  • The bonuses obtained from this campaign are non-withdrawable and non-transferable and can only be used as margin, trading/funding fee, and to cover potential losses incurred by trading on the platform.
  • Any remaining bonuses will be forfeited after a withdrawal request has been verified and confirmed.
  • Involvement in any dishonest behavior or activities, such as multi-account registrations to churn bonuses, will result in an immediate termination and forfeiture of all bonuses & profile earned from all associated accounts.
  • Accounts banned for breaching the rules with an initial deposit of 0.002BTC(which is the minimum required withdrawal amount) or over will receive a full refund of initial deposit, while accounts with an initial deposit under 0.002 BTC will not be refunded.
  • Bybit reserves the rights to amend the rules and regulations of this event.