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The ability to participate in this sale will be determined prior to entry into the portal.
Users from the following restricted countries (based on Identity Verification) are not eligible for the Token Sale:

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Terms & Conditions
1. Allowlisted users must complete Identity Verification Lv. 2 to be eligible for this SUI token sale (the “Token Sale”). Institutions and Market Makers are not eligible to participate.
2. Only allowlisted users from non-restricted countries and regions are allowed to participate in the Token Sale. Subaccounts and restricted accounts are not eligible.
3. By participating in the Token Sale, users acknowledge that they understand the Risk Disclosure for ByStarter subscriptions.
4. All participating users must strictly adhere to the Bybit Terms of Service. Bybit reserves the right to disqualify any participants who engage in dishonest or abusive activities during the Token Sale, including bulk-account registrations to farm additional bonuses and any other activities in connection with unlawful, fraudulent or harmful purposes.
5. It is the user's responsibility to confirm whether there are any unlocked assets in the account before deletion. Once an account is deleted, Bybit reserves the right to refuse any related appeals.
6. Bybit reserves the right to modify the terms of this Token Sale without notifying users in advance.
7. Bybit reserves the right of final interpretation of this Token Sale. If you have any questions, please contact our customer support.