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Live ZZ Price Summary

As of Jun 8, 2023, the global cryptocurrency market cap is $13.77M with a +3.84% change in the last 24 hours. ZZ's current price is $0.235006, with a 24-hour trading volume of $--. ZZ is +3.95% in the last 24 hours, with a circulating supply of 58.63M ZZ coins and a maximum supply of 100.00M ZZ coins. ZZ ranks 845 by market cap. It has a 24H high of $0.240062 recorded on Jun 8, 2023, and its 24H low so far is $0.224543, recorded on Jun 8, 2023.

What Is the Highest Price of ZZ?

ZZ has an all-time high (ATH) of $5.48 , recorded on Dec 12, 2022.

What Is the Lowest Price of ZZ?

ZZ has an all-time low (ATL) of $0.169314, recorded on Jan 30, 2023.

About ZigZag (ZZ)

What Is ZigZag (ZZ)?

ZigZag (ZZ) is a decentralized and noncustodial order book exchange launched with Ethereum's L2 Starknet. The platform is built with ZK-rollups, a Layer 2 solution that aims to solve Ethereum’s scalability limitations. By batching up every transaction off-chain and sending summarized data back to Ethereum, ZK-rollups allow users to make trades with nominal transaction fees, high liquidity and quicker speeds.

The first version of this platform is known as zkSync Lite (zkSync 1.0). It was officially launched in November 2021 and has since become known for providing a fast bridge to Ethereum. In addition, zkSync Era (zkSync 2.0) represents a Layer 2 protocol designed to scale Ethereum.

The main reason ZigZag has been split into two phases is that building it requires overcoming complex engineering tasks. The ZK-rollup is meant to be EVM-compatible, which means that it supports Ethereum smart contracts. However, ZkSync Lite didn't support smart contracts, and depended on atomic swaps for cross-chain swapping. Since zkSync Era officially launched in late March 2023, ZigZag supports smart contracts.

ZigZag Price

The ZigZag ZZ token was officially launched in late June 2022 at $2.93. Its price rose rapidly to more than $3, oscillating between $3.20 and $3.50 from July to October. On Oct 14, its price began to increase, reaching a high of $4.11 on Oct 23. It dropped to approximately $3.50 the next week and to $2.67 on Nov 10, remaining there for most of the month.

During the first two weeks of December 2022, ZigZag’s price was highly volatile. On Dec 10, it dropped to a low of $0.91, reaching $2.74 a day later before hitting its highest price to date of $5.48 on Dec 12.

The ZZ token experienced a rapid fall in value almost as quickly as it had increased. On Dec 13, it was valued at $1.22, declining over the month and closing at $0.39 on Dec 31. Q1 2023 has ZigZag experiencing minor fluctuations between $0.17 and $0.97, with a support level of $0.30. 

What Is ZigZag ZZ Used For?

While additional use cases are still being planned, ZigZag’s primary goal is to use rebates and buybacks to accommodate a community-owned exchange whose token holders can be equitable owners. A crypto buyback allows ZZ to be burned in a manner that reduces supply and increases demand for the token. The effect of this process is to stabilize the price, preventing it from dropping too rapidly. 

Following the zkSync Era launch, ZZ token holders will be able to vote and propose changes with the launch of a governance forum.

ZigZag Tokenomics

ZigZag (ZZ) has a max supply of 100 million tokens, distributed as follows:

  • 57% — Treasury

  • 30% — Founding Team (with a linear monthly vesting schedule of 24 months, from November 2022)

  • 10% — Insurance Fund

  • 2% — IDO (Public Sale Round 1)

  • 1% — Strategic Partners

Who Is the Founder of ZigZag?

The creator of the ZigZag exchange goes by the name of Kedar. He founded the platform in 2021 and is known for maintaining a Bitcoin-only portfolio.

How to Store ZigZag (ZZ)

ZigZag (ZZ) can be stored in MetaMask and Argent wallet.

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