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100 Points

Earn 100 points per day when you trade spot during the event period. No minimum trading volume required.

50 Points

Get 50 points each time your spot trading volume hits 200 USDT. Aim for a win? You can claim up to 5,000 points per day.

500 Points

Claim 500 points each time your friend registers on Bybit using your referral code, makes a deposit, and trades spot in any amount. Invite as many friends as you'd like!

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Collect points, aim for the win. 300 points will be credited instantly upon registration.
QHow will my reward be calculated?
AYour final reward = (your total points / the total points of all participants) * (prize pool tier unlocked - 10,000 USDT reserved for the top 100 forecasters). Please note that the prize pool tier to be unlocked depends on the number of participants. The min. prize pool is 30,000 USDT and the max. is 200,000 USDT.
QWhat additional rewards can I get?
AEach of the unlocked prize pool tiers includes 10,000 USDT in rewards reserved specifically for the top 100 participants with the highest number of correct predictions. If two or more participants make the same number of predictions correctly, the one with the highest total final points will rank higher.
QHow can I collect points?
AYou can earn points through the following methods:
- 300 points auto credited upon registration
- 100 points per day when you trade spot in any amount during the event period
- 50 points each time your spot trading volume hits 200 USDT; you can claim up to 5,000 points each day
- 500 points when your friend registers on Bybit using your referral code, makes a deposit, and trades spot in any amount during the event period; there is no limit to the number of friends you can invite
- 50 points for each of the 200 lucky winners we draw randomly at 10:00AM UTC each day
QHow can I collect points by making a prediction?
AYou can use your points to make a prediction of up to four (4) trading pairs listed on that day. You can only choose one (1) price direction for each pair, and the direction cannot be modified once submitted. The number of correct predictions — capped at four (4) per day — will only be counted once for each pair. Your prediction will be reset at 10:00AM UTC the next day, and a new round will start.
If your prediction is correct, your staked points will increase by twofold, or fourfold if the trading pair you’ve picked scores the highest percentage increase or decrease in price on that day. Otherwise, you will lose all staked points.
QWhen can I make my prediction?
AThere will be a total of 12 rounds. The prediction window opens from 10:00AM UTC the previous day to 9:59AM UTC on D-Day. For example, to guess the price direction at which your selected pair will be trading at 10:00AM UTC on Oct. 19, you will need to make a prediction in the 24 hours leading up to that point, starting from 10:00AM UTC on Oct. 18.
Terms and Conditions
1.You must first register for the event to collect initial points.
2.The event runs from 10:00AM UTC on Oct. 18, 2021 to 9:59AM UTC on Oct. 31, 2021 for a total of 14 days.
3.The min. amount of points you can stake is 10, and the staked amount must be a multiple of 10.
4.If, at evaluation point, the trading pair you've selected did not see any percentage increase or decrease in price, your prediction will be counted as correct and your staked points will increase twofold.
5.All points earned must be manually claimed except for registration and lucky draw points, which will be auto credited.
6.Subaccount is not allowed to participate in this event.
7.You will be notified via email within seven (7) working days after the event ends. Your USDT cash reward (if any) can be viewed in your account upon that email’s notice.
8.All participating users must abide by Bybit's terms of service.
9.Bybit reserves the right to cancel the participation of users who use malicious behaviors to gain profits, including opening multiple accounts to obtain additional rewards and other behaviors that involve illegal, fraudulent or harmful effects.
10.Bybit reserves the right to modify the terms of this event without prior notice.
11.Bybit reserves the right of final interpretation of this event. If you have any questions, please contact our 24/7 customer support.