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Referral Program
For each successful referral, you and your friend will each receive an extra $20 bonus. You also have a chance to win additional rewards of up to $500!
Terms & Conditions
  1. Bonuses can be used as margin to trade perpetual and futures contracts. Claimed bonuses can be activated within 21 days by making a trade of any perpetual or futures contract. Bonuses cannot be withdrawn.
  2. "A Big Deal” coupon can only be claimed once after you make a first-time deposit of $2,000 equivalent. You will receive a $50 USDT coupon if you make the first time deposit within 48 hours upon signing up.
  3. Bonuses and coupons cannot be used for asset exchange, nor to cover any withdrawal fee.
  4. Bonuses are forfeited upon any asset withdrawal.
  5. Multi-account registration to farm Bybit rewards or any other abusive or fraudulent behaviors will result in immediate termination of all associated accounts.
  6. Please refer to the Latest Bybit Promotions, Bonus and Coupons FAQ for more information. Bybit reserves the right of final interpretation of all terms and conditions.
  1. What are Bybit bonuses?
    Bybit bonuses can be used as margin. They can also be used to cover trading losses and to offset trading fees for perpetual and futures contracts (spot not included) prior to user's own capital. Bonuses cannot be withdrawn, while profits from trading with bonuses can be withdrawn.
  2. What are Bybit coupons?
    Bybit coupons can be used to offset trading fees for perpetual and futures contracts (spot not included). Coupons will be deducted to cover fees prior to user's own capital.
  3. Which coin should I deposit to claim "A Big Deal"?
    You may make a deposit in any coins currently supported on Bybit. As long as your first time deposit meets the minimum amount required, you will receive "A Big Deal" coupon.
  4. How to view my coupons and bonuses?
    The coupons and bonuses you claimed can be found in "My Rewards". You can also view the balance of your bonuses in "My Assets". The coupon/bonus amount is calculated based on the real-time exchange rate at the time of distribution. For example, if you receive a $500 bonus and BTC price is $50,000 at the time of distribution, 0.01 BTC in bonus will be credited to your account.
  5. What if the bonus/coupon did not automatically credit to my account?
    Bybit bonuses and coupons are usually credited within two (2) working days. For further assistance, please contact our 24/7 live support.
For more information, please refer to the Latest Bybit Promotions, Bonus and Coupons FAQ.