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All participants will have an equal chance to win the token allocation lottery. Holders of winning tickets may redeem their allocations (denominated in ) of IDO tokens with from their Bybit Wallets.
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IDO Timeline

Subscription Period

Participants need to deposit at least 300 undefined (BNB Chain) and 0.1 BNB (BNB Chain) in their Bybit Wallet, and subscribe to the IDO before the end of the Subscription Period.

Redemption Period

Participants selected in the token allocation lottery can check their allocation and redeem tokens before the Redemption Deadline.


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Terms & Conditions

1. Participants must have a Bybit Wallet with a minimum of 300 undefined (BNB Chain) and 0.1 BNB (BNB Chain) to be eligible for the Bybit Web3 IDO.

2. KYC Verification of your Bybit Account is not required for participation.

3. To redeem allocated IDO tokens, participants will need to pay blockchain gas fees which may vary due to network conditions, and redemption will fail if there is insufficient funds.

4. Bybit reserves the right of final interpretation of this event. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

5. Please update Bybit APP to version 4.9.0 or above.

6. Subaccount registration is not supported for IDO, users are advised to switch to main account and join.

7. Bybit reserves the right to disqualify any participants who engages in dishonest or abusive activities during the event, including bulk-account registrations to farm additional bonuses and any other activity related to illegal, fraudulent, or harmful purposes.


Who is eligible for the Bybit Web3 IDO?

Only users with a Bybit Wallet with a minimum balance of 300 undefined (BNB Chain) may participate in the IDO. Please note that users with Business Accounts and users from restricted countries are not eligible for participation.

Are there any fees required to participate in the Bybit Web3 IDO?

Yes, participants need to pay gas fees to participate in the Bybit Web3 IDO and also to redeem IDO tokens. For more information, please check this link.

Does everyone have an equal chance to win the lottery?

All participants have an equal chance to win the token allocation lottery. For more details on how the lottery works, please check this link.

How can I redeem IDO tokens?

Winners of the token allocation lottery will be able to redeem IDO tokens from the Bybit Web3 IDO landing page. They will be able to confirm details like the Redeemable Amount as well as the wallet addressed used to participate in the IDO before proceeding with redemption.