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We've partnered with MIRL (Made In Real Life) to launch a limited run of NFTs exclusively for you!
Bybit x MIRL Genesis NFT
We are happy to partner up with MIRL and be part of their MIRL Genesis NFTs!

Meet the 5 different characters that inspired the Bybit x MIRL NFT series - they represent the various departments and individuals in the company.
The Maker
Aggressive, Bold, Go-Getters
The Pathfinder
Defensive, Prepared
The Ally
Caring, Nurturing, Relationship-Oriented
The Maven
Forward Looking, Trend Readers, Analytical
The Forager
Speculative, Opportunistic
We're so excited to join forces with The MIRL Project (Made In Real Life), a leading innovator in FashionFi, to drive more innovation in the movement and take our joint step into the metaverse.

Each of these limited Bybit x MIRL NFTs gives you exclusive utilities on both the Bybit and MIRL platforms so don't sleep on them!

Keep a lookout for our campaigns to see how you can win these limited NFTs!
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Bybit x MIRL NFT Utilities
Bybit Platform Exclusive
Get 6.88% APY for ETH Flexible Savings. The benefits don't stop here - stay tuned for more!
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Bybit x MIRL NFT Utilities
MIRL Platform Exclusive
Get your hands on physical wearables, invites to exclusive events, $MIRL tokens and so much more!
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How to Enjoy 6.88% APY on ETH?
Save the Date
Your exclusive holders-only interest-earning pool opens April 18, 10AM UTC. You can find it on Bybit Earn's Flexible Savings page.
Stake Your ETH
Click on the "Stake Now" button available from April 18, 10AM UTC to May 18, 10AM UTC and commit your preferred amount of ETH from your wallet balance to the pool.
Watch Your Savings Grow
Sit back, relax, and earn 6.88% annualized interest on your staked ETH amount. You can stake or unstake your ETH anytime.
Check Out Your Massive Earnings
On May 18, 10AM UTC, your funds will be automatically unstaked from the pool. Go to "Total Yield" under your Earn Account to check your earnings anytime.
Behind the Collab: Bybit X MIRL Genesis NFTs
Got your eyes on Bybit's latest FashionFi collab with MIRL NFTs? Watch to learn more, and see how you can get your hands on it as we answer some of the hottest questions from the community!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Why is Bybit collaborating with MIRL?
How many NFTs are there in this collection?
How can I get a Bybit x MIRL NFT?
What are the utilities provided to a MIRL NFT holder?
I did a public mint on MIRL website and/or bought it on a secondary market like OpenSea and Mintable. Am I still eligible for the flexible savings pool?