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As of 15 квіт 2024 р., the global cryptocurrency market cap is $539.75M with a +7.05% change in the last 24 hours. Today's price of ALT is $0.43001, with a 24-hour trading volume of $--. ALT is +7.73% in the last 24 hours, with a circulating supply of 1.26B ALT coins and a maximum supply of 10.00B ALT coins. ALT ranks 151 by market cap. It has a 24H high of $0.44153 recorded on 15 квіт 2024 р., and its 24H low so far is $0.38917, recorded on 15 квіт 2024 р..

What Is the Highest Price of ALT?

ALT has an all-time high (ATH) of $0.676743 , recorded on 28 бер 2024 р..

What Is the Lowest Price of ALT?

ALT has an all-time low (ATL) of $0.276883, recorded on 25 січ 2024 р..

About AltLayer (ALT)

What is AltLayer? It’s a platform poised to solve blockchain scalability challenges by harnessing rollup technologies to improve the Ethereum network’s performance. AltLayer champions interoperability, allowing various blockchain systems to interact more cohesively. This article explores AltLayer’s core facets and its impact on the web3 space, providing clarity on what sets it apart.

Key Takeaways

  • AltLayer proposes a diverse and scalable infrastructure for web3 applications, focusing on a multiplicity of rollups and self-governing interoperable blockchain protocols, fostering scalability and compatibility within the Ethereum and other blockchain ecosystems.
  • The AltLayer project is backed by an experienced team led by Dr. Yaoqi Jia and supported by influential partners such as the USDC architect and Polychain Capital, which has invested significantly in the project’s growth and development.
  • AltLayer introduces multiple innovative solutions including Rollups-as-a-Service, support for multiple virtual machines like EVM and WASM, and collaboration with platforms like Arbitrum Orbit to streamline scalability and interoperability for decentralized applications.

What is AltLayer?

AltLayer, with its forward-looking approach, accelerates the scaling of web3 applications. It furnishes infrastructure and modular solutions, envisioning a blockchain ecosystem where rollups are critical to scalability and application development. Their commitment to diversity is clear; AltLayer supports a range of rollups including native and restaked, alongside both optimistic and zk rollup stacks, boosting scalability within the Ethereum ecosystem.

AltLayer’s ambition is to foster a diverse ecosystem of general-purpose and application-specific rollups, driven by a variety of modular technology stacks. Through this, they aim to enhance the interoperability of different blockchain systems, thereby amplifying the potential of the blockchain industry as a whole.

Decentralized Protocol

AltLayer’s decentralized protocol is the backbone of its infrastructure, integrating decentralized sequencing, verification processes, and achieving fast finality through shared security. This protocol’s design is aimed at interoperability, enabling seamless integration with multiple blockchain platforms, including Ethereum and Astar Network. This integration contributes to network enhancement and cross-chain functionality.

Furthering its interoperable capabilities, AltLayer also supports the NEAR Protocol’s Data Availability layer, positioning it as a competitor in the cross-chain and interoperability space. The protocol ensures robust security for rollups and facilitates seamless interoperability across diverse blockchain domains, through decentralized verification. This ability to create both native and restaked rollups, and to support varied types of rollup stacks, accommodates diverse application needs.

Decentralized Sequencing

Decentralized sequencing is a key component of AltLayer’s infrastructure, aimed at delivering fast finality and enhanced security through shared security mechanisms. This innovative approach contributes to a better user experience by reducing congestion and eliminating gas wars, especially beneficial in on-chain gaming.

AltLayer mitigates centralization-associated risks and advocates for an open, transparent ecosystem for web3 applications through the use of the SQUAD service for decentralized sequencing. This approach allows developers to select and reward AVS operators, ensuring adherence to the protocol and reducing dependence on centralized sequencing providers.

The sequencing approach is driven by:

  • Aggregating sequencers into a dedicated network
  • Selecting and assigning validators as sequencers for rollups
  • Giving rollup transactions soft confirmation prior to achieving finality from Layer 1
  • Reinforcing collaboration with EigenLayer for efficient and decentralized transaction sequencing.

The Team Behind AltLayer

Behind the innovative AltLayer project is a team of blockchain trailblazers and distinguished researchers. The team is spearheaded by Dr. Yaoqi Jia, a seasoned figure in the blockchain space, previously the director at Parity Asia, and co-founder/CTO of the pioneering blockchain platform Zilliqa. The team boasts professionals with affiliations to renowned blockchain entities such as Parity, Zilliqa, and Synthetix.

AltLayer, under Dr. Jia Yaoqi’s leadership and his extensive blockchain experience, is primed for a promising evolution. The team’s profound expertise in the field supports AltLayer’s commitment to accelerating the scaling of Web3 applications and fostering a diverse ecosystem of both general-purpose and application-specific rollups.

USDC Architect

An integral part of the AltLayer team is the architect behind USD Coin (USDC), whose expertise in stablecoin infrastructure has been invaluable to the project. This architect’s understanding of stablecoin mechanics and ledger systems has contributed significantly to the design and implementation of AltLayer’s financial protocols.

The USDC architect has applied their expertise to enhance AltLayer’s scalability and efficiency, which are critical for handling high transaction volumes and multi-asset support. Their involvement has had a notable influence on the project, ensuring the stability and reliability of AltLayer’s underlying financial structures.

Polychain Capital

Polychain Capital has played a crucial role in AltLayer’s initial growth phases. They led the $7.2 million seed funding round and co-led a subsequent $14.4 million strategic funding round aimed at expanding the rollup infrastructure. This investment reflects a strong belief in AltLayer’s potential within the blockchain infrastructure and highlights Polychain’s commitment as both an investor and a supporter.

AltLayer's Key Features

The key features of AltLayer mirror its innovative approach. Their Rollups-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution focuses on allowing developers to easily deploy custom rollups, ensuring decentralization as a base feature. Moreover, AltLayer fosters a decentralized ecosystem by offering flexible rollup solutions inclusive of interoperability between different blockchain systems and crypto-economic fast finality.

Embracing a multi-chain strategy, AltLayer supports multiple virtual machines like EVM and WASM, demonstrating its commitment to a diverse array of blockchain applications. Their suite of tools for developers, including the versatile Rollup Stack and No-code Dashboard, emphasizes simplicity and accessibility in creating customized rollups and execution layers.


AltLayer introduces Restaked rollups, which combine rollup technology with EigenLayer’s restaking mechanism to improve security and decentralization. Additionally, they introduce Ephemeral rollups to provide temporary, resource-optimized solutions for dApps that need to handle fluctuating demand, enhancing the efficiency of blockchain transactions.

AltLayer has developed infrastructure to support ‘on-demand’ ZK fraud proofs for optimistic rollups, bolstering security while optimizing computational needs. This innovation enables the creation of custom rollups, simplifying the use of appchains and allowing for greater customization on their website.

The development of the Rollapp ecosystem, enabled by AltLayer’s technologies, has the potential to make Layer 2 solutions as ubiquitous as current dApps.

Arbitrum Orbit

Arbitrum Orbit supports scalability for real-time applications through the use of rollups, ensuring efficient transaction processing via EVM compatibility, along with offering predictable transaction costs for consistency. The customizable protocol logic of Arbitrum Orbit assists real-time applications in adjusting settlement and execution processes, promoting interoperability and seamless real-time movement of assets between chains.

On-chain gaming benefits from Arbitrum Orbit’s capabilities, including near-instant confirmations and partnerships such as with Oasys, enhancing the gaming experience on the platform. Arbitrum Orbit offers a Rollups-as-a-Service model that allows for the easy launch of new chains in the Arbitrum ecosystem, fostering growth and innovation within the network.

Market Cap and Trading

The AltLayer Token (ALT) occupies a significant place in the cryptocurrency market. Here are some key details about ALT:

  • Currently ranked as the 151 cryptocurrency by market cap
  • Total supply of 10 billion ALT
  • Total market capitalization of $539.75M
  • 24-hour trading volume of $--
  • Actively traded on 10 exchanges.

Price History

In its price history, the AltLayer Token (ALT) reached an all-time high of $0.676743, marking a significant milestone. ALT has demonstrated considerable volatility with a 24-hour trading range of $--, showcasing a low of $0.38917 and a high coinciding with its all-time high at $0.44153.

The last known price of AltLayer Token (ALT) stands at $0.43001, providing a current view after considering the historical highs. This demonstrates ALT’s potential for future growth and its capacity to cope with market volatility.

Current Market Cap

The total supply of AltLayer’s native token ALT is 10,000,000,000 as of January 17th, 2024. Upon listing, the circulating supply of ALT is projected to be 1.26B, representing 11.00% of the total token supply.

AltLayer Token (ALT), an emerging altcoin, experienced a recent price increase of +7.73% in the last 24 hours. This price increase reflects the growing interest in ALT and its potential for further growth in the market as investors stay up-to-date with its progress.

Development and Growth

Adding infrastructure partners and clients from sectors like DeFi, SocialFi, and gaming is part of AltLayer’s growth strategy. Through partnerships with infrastructure providers like, Astar Network, and Avive, AltLayer promotes a sustainable and interconnected rollup landscape.

The company is in the process of expanding its team and is actively recruiting for both technical and non-technical roles to grow its capabilities. As part of maintaining its industry presence, AltLayer will continue its outreach by participating in Devcon SEA, selected ETH Global events, and hosting another Rollup Frontier Day.

Project Milestones

AltLayer has achieved significant milestones since its inception. The company has successfully raised $22.8 million through two private token sales. During these sales, 18.50% of the total ALT token supply was sold at prices of $0.008/ALT and $0.018/ALT, respectively. The strategic funding round for AltLayer successfully raised $14.4 million and included investments from OKX Ventures, HashKey Capital, Bankless Ventures, and more.

AltLayer has also achieved significant milestones in terms of partnerships. They have partnered with Arbitrum Orbit, collaborating on integration to foster creativity while streamlining the technical aspects of application development. The integration with the optimistic L3 Muster Network, powered by Arbitrum Orbit, has the goal of creating a secure and efficient environment for the development of blockchain games. This initiative aims to enhance the overall experience for game developers and users.

Future Prospects

Looking towards the future, AltLayer plans to continue its growth with the following goals:

  • Focus on restaked rollups
  • Increase support for various rollup stacks and modular components
  • Expand collaborations within the industry
  • Integrate non-EVM rollup stacks such as WASM/Move rollups or Bitcoin rollups
  • Enhance modularity by integrating different modular components with rollup stacks

AltLayer’s support for multi-chain functionality and multiple virtual machines, such as EVM and WASM, indicates its commitment to catering to a diverse range of blockchain applications and use cases. The ALT token of AltLayer serves multiple functions including:

  • Economic bonds for security
  • Governance participation
  • Protocol incentivization
  • Payment for intra-network services

This indicates a robust tokenomics model to sustain the platform’s growth.

AltLayer Ecosystem and Alternatives

The AltLayer ecosystem exploits rollup technology to offer a host of services for scalability and usability. The ecosystem includes decentralized applications (dApps), which benefit from AltLayer’s enhanced transaction speeds and reduced costs. AltLayer enables a cross-chain interoperability framework, allowing users and developers to interact with multiple blockchain platforms efficiently.

AltLayer operates in a competitive landscape where projects such as Ethereum 2.0 and Polkadot are also striving to enhance blockchain scalability. Yet, AltLayer’s unique advantage lies in its rollup-centric technology that promises rapid and secure transaction processing.

Services and Applications

The AltLayer ecosystem encompasses a range of components including Rollup Stacks, Data Availability, Sequencers, Block Explorers, Bridges, On/Off Ramp, Storage, Gaming, DeFi, and Real World Asset Tokenization. Additionally, AltLayer provides services tailored for Oracle & Middleware, NFT/Social Platforms, DAO Governance, Wallet & Account Abstraction, Quest Platforms, Indexing, ZK Tools, and MEV Tooling.

AltLayer’s rollup technology is being used to simplify metaverse deployment for the Oasys network, showcasing its utility in real-world projects. This highlights AltLayer’s commitment to providing services that cater to diverse industry needs and contribute to the evolution of the blockchain ecosystem.

Competing Solutions

AltLayer’s impact on the blockchain industry is intertwined with the rise of the Modular technology narrative which enhances Execution, Settlement, Consensus, and Data Availability. However, AltLayer faces competition from other solutions including:

  • Saga’s automated dedicated blockspace deployment
  • Zeeve’s enterprise-grade rollups infrastructure
  • Conduit’s RaaS platform for Optimistic rollups
  • Snapchain’s ZK Rollups for on-chain games
  • Vistara’s one-click rollup deployment
  • Alembic’s gaming and app web3 development platform
  • Caldera’s customizable Arbitrum Orbit and Optimism Stack rollups.

A grasp of these competing solutions is vital to evaluate AltLayer’s unique selling points and market stance. Despite the competition, AltLayer’s unique approach and innovative solutions position it as a strong contender in the blockchain industry.


In conclusion, AltLayer is a trailblazing project that leverages rollup technology to revolutionize blockchain scalability and application development. Its decentralized protocol, diverse rollup offerings, and robust team position it for promising growth within the blockchain industry. Despite facing competition, AltLayer’s unique selling propositions and commitment to innovation set it apart in the market. As we navigate the future of blockchain technology, AltLayer stands as a beacon of innovation and potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy AltLayer coin?

You can buy AltLayer coin on cryptocurrency exchanges like Bybit, which offers a user-friendly platform with low fees and high security. Simply create a free account on their website or app to get started.

What is AltLayer's unique selling proposition?

AltLayer's unique selling proposition is its focus on blockchain scalability and application development through rollup technology, offering infrastructure and modular solutions. This allows for a more efficient and adaptable blockchain platform.

Who is on the AltLayer team?

AltLayer's team is led by Dr. Yaoqi Jia, former director at Parity Asia and co-founder/CTO of Zilliqa, with professionals experienced in renowned blockchain entities.

What are the key features of AltLayer?

AltLayer's key features include Rollups-as-a-Service (RaaS), decentralized ecosystem, multi-chain strategy, and developer tools for customized rollups and execution layers. These features enhance its functionality and flexibility.

What is the market cap of AltLayer Token (ALT)?

The market capitalization of AltLayer Token (ALT) is $539.75M, based on its total supply of 10 billion ALT.

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