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As of 2024年4月21日, the global cryptocurrency market cap is $41.41M with a +11.84% change in the last 24 hours. Today's price of CAT is $0.000000000821357, with a 24-hour trading volume of $--. CAT is +11.77% in the last 24 hours, with a circulating supply of 50.00P CAT coins and a maximum supply of -- CAT coins. CAT ranks 783 by market cap. It has a 24H high of $0.000000000877316 recorded on 2024年4月21日, and its 24H low so far is $0.000000000715283, recorded on 2024年4月21日.

What Is the Highest Price of CAT?

CAT has an all-time high (ATH) of $0.00000000169 , recorded on 2024年3月26日.

What Is the Lowest Price of CAT?

CAT has an all-time low (ATL) of $0.000000000001991, recorded on 2023年8月14日.

About Catcoin (CAT)

Catcoin is a digital asset that merges a cat-themed branding with the Binance Smart Chain’s integrity. It distinguishes itself from the plethora of meme coins through a capped supply system and community-focused governance. This article offers a straightforward rundown on “what is Catcoin”, how it functions, and what makes it a unique entrant in the crypto space.

Key Takeaways

  • Catcoin, a community-driven digital currency on the Binance Smart Chain, has distinguishing features like a fixed supply of 100 quadrillion tokens and a deflationary supply model that could increase its value over time.

  • Unlike other cat-themed cryptocurrencies, Catcoin provides governance options allowing holders to influence the project’s trajectory, and aims to become the primary mode of payment in its marketplace ecosystem, enhancing utility and adoption.

  • Future plans for Catcoin include launching DAO Catdex to increase its functionality and integration with digital wallets for user convenience, despite a notable absence of coverage from mainstream media outlets.

What is Catcoin?

Catcoin, represented as CATCOIN, is fundamentally a digital currency. It’s adorned with an appealing cat theme and presents itself as an alternative to the dog-themed cryptocurrencies prevalent in the market. Unlike other cat-themed coins, Catcoin is based on the Binance Smart Chain, positioning it within a well-known blockchain ecosystem. This gives it a leg up over other cat-themed currencies, as it’s built on a robust foundation that is recognized and trusted within the crypto world.

What distinguishes Catcoin is its distinct combination of features, and this is where Catcoin differs from many other currencies. Unlike many currencies where decisions are made by a small group of developers or stakeholders, Catcoin is fundamentally influenced and steered by its community decisions. This community-driven nature fosters active investor participation in shaping the project’s trajectory, making Catcoin a truly democratic digital asset.

Limited Supply and Lower Inflation

A notable feature of Catcoin is its established supply cap of 100 quadrillion tokens. But why is this significant? In the world of cryptocurrencies, a fixed supply can potentially drive up the value of the coin over time due to the simple economics of supply and demand. As the total supply decreases, the value of each remaining token could potentially increase.

This is in stark contrast to many inflationary cryptocurrencies. Catcoin is designed with a deflationary supply model, meaning it experiences lower inflation compared to other cryptocurrencies. This feature underpins its value proposition, offering a hedge against the eroding power of inflation and potentially increasing the value of Catcoin over time.

Community-Driven Approach

A robust sense of community is central to the Catcoin ethos. Known as CATS, Catcoin is a meme cryptocurrency fundamentally influenced and steered by its community decisions. This community-driven approach fosters active investor participation, allowing users to actively participate and influence the project’s trajectory. Such involvement promotes a sense of ownership and engagement among investors, setting Catcoin apart from other cat-themed currencies.

Moreover, Catcoin offers the following features:

  • Leverages DAO governance to empower community members, giving them a democratic say in strategic decision-making processes

  • The future of Catcoin isn’t solely in the hands of a select few but is steered by the collective decisions of its community

  • This inclusive approach makes Catcoin a truly next generation digital asset.

Comparing Catcoin to Other Cat-Themed Cryptocurrencies

Despite the abundance of cat-themed coins in the crypto space, Catcoin has distinguished itself with its distinctive governance features and deflationary mechanism. Unlike many cat-themed coins that do not offer governance options, Catcoin allows holders to participate in important decision-making regarding the coin’s future, setting it apart from many of its competitors.

In the world of cat-themed cryptocurrencies, utility and functionality play a significant role. Catcoin offers:

  • Smart contract capabilities enabling advanced functionality such as automated rewards to coin holders

  • Lower transaction fees compared to some of its competitors

  • A higher percentage of rewards given back to its holders from each transaction

This makes Catcoin a viable alternative to other cat-themed coins, increasing its utility for end-users and its potential value in the marketplace.

Deflationary Nature

A significant characteristic that sets Catcoin apart is its deflationary nature. Unlike many cryptocurrencies that have an inflationary supply model, Catcoin’s total supply diminishes over time. This deflationary mechanism could potentially lead to an increase in its value as the supply becomes more scarce. This feature adds a new dimension to the crypto world, as it provides a hedge against the erosion of investment value, commonly caused by inflation in traditional currencies.

In contrast to certain cryptocurrencies with inflationary properties, Catcoin sets itself apart with a deflationary model that reduces its total supply over time. This offers a stark contrast to the human tendency towards inflationary currencies, making Catcoin an interesting prospect for those looking to diversify their crypto portfolios.

Primary Mode of Payment in Marketplace

In addition to its distinctive features and deflationary mechanism, the Catcoin project encompasses a wider vision. The developers are actively creating an ecosystem where Catcoin will be the main currency used for transactions in their marketplace. This means that whether you’re buying cat-related goods or common items, you’ll be using Catcoin as your primary mode of payment.

Efforts are underway to grow Catcoin’s marketplace ecosystem, with a strong emphasis on establishing Catcoin as the primary mode of payment. This focus on practical use within its own marketplace not only increases the utility of Catcoin but also potentially drives its mainstream adoption and growth. This positions Catcoin not just as a digital asset but a viable alternative to traditional currency.

Key Features of Catcoin

Catcoin is not merely another cat-themed cryptocurrency; it is a digital asset resembling a variety of features that transcend simple value exchange. With a catcoin aim to offer more than just a cat-themed digital currency, Catcoin includes features such as catcoin cats games, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), mobile wallets, and community Decentralized Apps (DApps), all powered by the catcoin token.

This makes it much more interesting stuff than many other cat-themed coins which may lack these features.

Platforms that come under the umbrella of Catcoin, such as meme creation services, content farming sites, and the game ‘Rise of the Cats’, potentially use Catcoin as the primary medium of exchange. This not only makes Catcoin an integral part of these platforms but also increases its utility and value. With these unique features, Catcoin is not just a currency but a thriving ecosystem, making it a valuable addition to the crypto space.

Peer-to-Peer Architecture

A significant feature that distinguishes Catcoin from other cryptocurrencies is its peer-to-peer architecture. This architecture enables direct interactions between users, eliminating the need for a central authority or intermediary. This decentralized platform provided by the Binance Smart Chain network allows for transactions to occur without the need for an intermediary authority, streamlining the process while enhancing privacy and security.

This peer-to-peer architecture is one of the many features that make Catcoin a compelling digital asset. By allowing direct interactions between users, it promotes a decentralized and democratic platform where the power is in the hands of the users. This not only enhances the security and efficiency of transactions but also aligns with Catcoin’s community-driven approach.

Reflection to Holders

The reflection mechanism is an exceptional feature that distinguishes Catcoin from other cryptocurrencies. Catcoin imposes a 3% tax on every buy and sell transaction to support its community-driven approach. This tax is not just a revenue generation method, but a way to ensure that all holders of Catcoin benefit from the network’s activities.

The funds raised from the reflection tax are aimed at establishing Catcoin as the primary mode of payment within its own marketplace ecosystem. This reflection mechanism could enhance the value proposition of Catcoin to prospective investors who are attracted to tokens with reflection features. This serves as a testament to Catcoin’s commitment to benefiting its community, making it a compelling choice for investors.

Circulating Supply and Market Presence

The circulating supply of Catcoin is 50.00P and it has a market cap of approximately $41.41M. These figures show that Catcoin has a significant presence in the crypto market.

Catcoin has experienced the following:

  • An all-time high and low within a relatively short period, which demonstrates active trading and market fluctuations

  • Catcoin can be bought and sold on a variety of cryptocurrency marketplaces, where it undergoes regular price changes and catcoin system charges apply

This demonstrates the digital currency based active presence in the market and its potential for growth, especially with the increasing popularity of digital currency exchanges.

Future Plans and Developments for Catcoin

Catcoin, with its distinctive features and persuasive value proposition, is a project that never ceases to innovate. The team behind Catcoin has big plans for the future, including the launch of DAO Catdex, which aims to expand Catcoin’s usage as a safe and flexible digital asset. This future development will not only enhance the functionality of Catcoin but also increase its value proposition in the crypto world.

In addition to the launch of DAO Catdex, Catcoin is broadening its network reach by expanding to the Ethereum network, which is an essential step towards becoming a multi-chain meme coin. Early supporters of the Catcoin’s Ethereum expansion have the opportunity to join the exclusive ETH Diamond Paw group.

These future plans and developments aim to elevate Catcoin’s position in the crypto world, making it a must-watch project for investors and crypto enthusiasts alike.

Launching DAO Catdex

In its future roadmap, Catcoin plans to unveil DAO Catdex, a platform set to broaden its applicability. Operating under a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) structure, this platform will significantly enhance the functionality of Catcoin.

The development and decision-making processes of Catcoin are significantly influenced by its community, aligning with its community-driven approach. With the launch of DAO Catdex, Catcoin aims to provide even more value to its community, making it a project that truly puts its community first.

Integration with Digital Wallets and Ventures

Alongside the launch of DAO Catdex, Catcoin is also endeavoring to integrate with digital wallets, such as Trust Wallet. These digital wallets are crucial for managing and utilizing cryptocurrencies like Catcoin. Trust Wallet supports Catcoin storage and is readily accessible through its mobile application and Chrome browser extension, simplifying the user experience.

This integration with widely-adopted digital wallets can significantly contribute to the cryptocurrency’s adoption and growth. By making it easier for users to store and manage Catcoin, this integration aims to enhance the overall user experience, potentially attracting more users to the Catcoin ecosystem.

Catcoin in the Media

In the present digital era, the role of media presence in determining a project’s success is critical. Catcoin’s marketing strategies are designed to elevate the cryptocurrency to mainstream recognition, aligning it with the market’s leading meme coins. The aim is to make Catcoin a household name in the crypto world, making it as recognizable as other leading cryptocurrencies.

However, it’s worth noting that there is currently no evidence of prominent media outlets like Bloomberg featuring Catcoin. This doesn’t mean that Catcoin is flying under the radar. On the contrary, influencers play a significant role in affecting the adoptability and credibility of cryptocurrencies like Catcoin in the market.

Media Outlets

Although Catcoin might not have been spotlighted in renowned media channels like Bloomberg, it doesn’t imply that its presence isn’t impactful. In the world of cryptocurrencies, media presence isn’t the only indicator of a project’s success. The real success lies in its adoption and the value it provides to its users.

As such, the lack of media coverage in prominent outlets should not deter potential investors or users. With its unique features and community-driven approach, Catcoin has the potential to make its mark in the crypto world, regardless of its media coverage.

Influencer Opinions

In the realm of cryptocurrencies, influencers significantly influence public opinion. For Catcoin, influencers like Amiri King have expressed their support for the project. Amiri King, a notable social media personality, has praised Catcoin’s technological aspects and community engagement on his platforms.

This support from influencers suggests a growing trust and interest in Catcoin’s position as a viable cryptocurrency. It’s also a testament to Catcoin’s potential, as these influencers have a wide reach and can influence the adoption and popularity of the coin. This means that the future looks bright for Catcoin, as it continues to garner support and attention in the crypto world.

How to Get Started with Catcoin

If you aspire to join the Catcoin community, the initiation process is fairly straightforward. You can purchase Catcoin tokens by following these steps:

  1. Create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange.

  2. Complete the necessary KYC procedures.

  3. Buy Catcoin using FIAT or other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

After acquiring Catcoin tokens, users should set up a digital wallet that supports the Binance Smart Chain to store their Catcoin. Once the digital wallet is ready, users can transfer their Catcoin tokens from the exchange to their personal wallet address. It’s important to ensure the security of their digital wallets by using strong, unique passwords, activating two-factor authentication, and keeping their private keys confidential.

Acquiring Catcoin Tokens

To acquire Catcoin, you must follow these steps:

  1. Opt for an appropriate cryptocurrency wallet.

  2. Set up an account and select a base currency from recognized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum on a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

  3. Transfer funds to the chosen crypto wallet.

  4. Use a decentralized exchange (DEX) that supports the wallet to exchange the base currency for Catcoin.

If Catcoin is not listed on your chosen exchange, you can use the smart contract address for Catcoin to facilitate the exchange on platforms such as Pancake Swap. For finalizing the purchase of Catcoin, if using decentralized exchanges, connect a crypto wallet to the DEX, or if available, use platforms like the Coinbase Wallet for the transaction.

Storing and Managing Catcoin

After securing Catcoin, the subsequent step is to store it safely. Catcoin can be stored in digital wallets designed for cryptocurrency holding, with options ranging from convenient hot wallets to secure cold wallets. The choice between a hot wallet and a cold wallet for Catcoin storage depends on your need for convenience in frequent transactions or enhanced security for long-term holding.

Regardless of your choice, it’s paramount to ensure the security of your Catcoin tokens. A secret recovery phrase is provided during setup for account recovery, which must be recorded accurately and stored safely.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your Catcoin tokens are safe and secure, ready to be used whenever you need them.


As we conclude this exploration of Catcoin, it’s clear that Catcoin is not just another cat-themed cryptocurrency. With its unique features, community-driven approach, and promising future plans, Catcoin has the potential to make a significant impact in the crypto world. Whether you’re a cat lover, a seasoned investor, or a crypto enthusiast, Catcoin offers something for everyone. So why wait? Dive into the world of Catcoin and explore the exciting opportunities it has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which exchange is CatCoin listed in?

CatCoin is listed on LBank and PancakeSwap v2 (BSC) for trading at the current rate. You may also find other exchanges listing it on their crypto exchanges page.

Is CatCoin a good investment?

Based on the technical indicators and market sentiment, it's a good time to consider CatCoin as an investment. The current data suggests a positive outlook for CatCoin.

What is Catcoin and how does it differ from other cryptocurrencies?

Catcoin is a cat-themed cryptocurrency based on the Binance Smart Chain. It differs from other cryptocurrencies due to its community-driven approach, fixed supply, and deflationary model.

How can I acquire Catcoin tokens?

You can acquire Catcoin tokens by purchasing them on a cryptocurrency exchange using FIAT or other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Good luck with your investment!

How do I store Catcoin?

To store Catcoin, you can use a digital wallet compatible with the Binance Smart Chain. Ensure security by using strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and safeguarding your private keys.

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