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Live ENA Price Summary

As of Apr 21, 2024, the global cryptocurrency market cap is $1.54B with a +11.49% change in the last 24 hours. Today's price of ENA is $1.078, with a 24-hour trading volume of $--. ENA is +10.88% in the last 24 hours, with a circulating supply of 1.43B ENA coins and a maximum supply of -- ENA coins. ENA ranks 71 by market cap. It has a 24H high of $1.12 recorded on Apr 21, 2024, and its 24H low so far is $0.96914, recorded on Apr 21, 2024.

What Is the Highest Price of ENA?

ENA has an all-time high (ATH) of $1.52 , recorded on Apr 11, 2024.

What Is the Lowest Price of ENA?

ENA has an all-time low (ATL) of $0.532381, recorded on Apr 2, 2024.

About Ethena (ENA)

If you’re exploring ‘ethena crypto,’ you’re likely seeking clarity on its ENA token and strategic position in the DeFi market. This article cuts through the complexity, offering a crisp look at Ethena’s vision, the mechanics of the ENA token, and the implications for its holders. Peek into Ethena’s roadmap without the fluff – essential reading for anyone navigating the cryptosphere.

Key Takeaways

  • The ENA token by Ethena Labs aims to disrupt the DeFi sector reaching a market capitalization of $1.54B, reflecting strong investor confidence.

  • Ethena’s synthetic dollar, USDe, offers a stable, decentralized form of money, maintaining its peg to the US dollar through a delta-hedging strategy, and the project aims to expand this through cross-chain expansions in Q3 2024.

  • ENA token’s distribution is strategically scheduled with 750 million tokens, accounting for 5% of the total supply, allocated to users and stakeholders to incentivize participation and serve as a governance tool within the Ethena ecosystem.

What is ENA Token?

Ethena Labs harbors a deep-seated desire to revolutionize the DeFi sphere. The ENA token plays a critical role in actualizing this vision, serving as the lifeblood of Ethena’s innovative DeFi environment. The ENA token isn’t just another cryptocurrency; it’s a tool that empowers Ethena to influence and reshape the dynamics of financial transactions within the crypto market.

The Vision Behind Ethena Labs

Ethena Labs envisions a disruption in the traditional cryptocurrency market. It’s pioneering a profit opportunity through a crypto-native synthetic dollar alternative, striving to carve out a slice of the $130 billion stablecoin market.

Instead of blending into the crowd, Ethena Labs aims to spearhead a revolution.

ENA Token at a Glance

The ENA token is not merely creating ripples but generating a tsunami in the crypto world. With its price surpassing $1 and peaking at $1.078, it’s clear that investors are placing their confidence in ENA.

Key points about ENA token:

  • Price has surpassed $1 and peaked at $1.078

  • Investors are placing their confidence in ENA

  • Total supply of ENA tokens is capped at 15 billion, showing scarcity and value

The market capitalization of Ethena’s ENA token currently stands at a whopping $1.54B, a testament to its growing influence in the crypto market.

How to Buy Ethena (ENA)

For those eager to invest in ENA, simply register on Bybit, complete the full verification process, and deposit funds through bank wire.

Once you’ve deposited funds into your Bybit exchange wallet, you can trade for ENA tokens.

Ethena's Unique Approach to Cryptocurrency

Ethena Labs isn’t merely another participant in the cryptocurrency landscape. It’s a game-changer committed to providing a stable, censorship-resistant base money asset, addressing a crucial need in the decentralized finance sector.

The future looks bright, with plans to expand their synthetic dollar protocol, USDe, via cross-chain initiatives set to launch in Q3 2024.

Synthetic Dollar and Yield Strategies

USDe, Ethena’s synthetic dollar, is a financial wonder. It serves as a scalable, decentralized form of money on the Ethereum blockchain, providing a stable value and high-yield savings for users globally.

USDe maintains its peg to the US dollar by:

  • Using a delta-hedging strategy, which includes managing short positions

  • Managing the volatility of its primary collateral asset, Ethereum

  • Offering a more stabilized medium of exchange and store of value

Managing Counterparty Risks

Given today’s unpredictable world, it’s essential to manage counterparty risks, especially in derivatives exchanges. USDe diverges from traditional stablecoins like USDT or USDC in that it is collateral-backed by backing assets held by the Ethena protocol instead of fiat currency.

With a comprehensive framework for counterparty risk that includes identification, approval, measurement, management, and reporting processes, Ethena is leading by example in the DeFi space.

The ENA Tokenomics and Distribution

The ENA token transcends being merely a currency — it serves as a catalyst for change. ENA tokens enable holders to engage in governance votes, influencing various aspects of the Ethena protocol and shaping its tokenomics and distribution model.

Allocation Breakdown

ENA tokens aren’t merely concentrated among a select few. They’re distributed among a wide range of stakeholders, including core contributors, investors, and the Ethena Foundation.

The strategic airdrop has contributed to ENA’s rapid market presence growth by distributing 15 billion tokens to early adopters.

The Future of Ethena: Predictions and Roadmap

Ethena Labs isn’t only focused on the present scenario; it’s actively molding the future.

Upcoming Milestones

A bustling schedule lies ahead for Ethena. Here are some key milestones:

  • ENA Token Launch and exchange listings set for Q2 2024

  • New collateral options, like Bitcoin (BTC)

  • Launch of the Sats Campaign, aiming to increase its market cap beyond $1.54B

It’s clear that Ethena is ready for takeoff.

Projected Market Trends

The crypto market is notorious for its unpredictability, but experts like Arthur Hayes, co-founder of BitMEX, believe that Ethena (ENA) could experience a significant rally, with a potential price target of $10.

The recent listing of Ethena on Bybit has also enhanced its visibility in the market, potentially influencing its price and market trends.

Ethena's Impact on Crypto Investors

Ethena’s ENA token, also known as the ethena token, has significantly impacted crypto investors. From the integration of ENA with Ethena’s financial products to the creation of a synthetic dollar, USDe, Ethena has offered potentially lucrative yield-generating opportunities.

Advantages for Crypto Investors

Investing in Ethena transcends mere profits; it’s an opportunity to join a revolution. With initiatives like the internet bond offering a dollar-denominated savings mechanism accessible globally, Ethena is giving traditional saving options a run for their money.

Considerations and Risks

No investment is without risks, and Ethena is no exception. From market volatility that can impact ENA’s price to the dependency on strategic campaigns and airdrops for initial growth, investors must consider various factors before investing in ENA.

Joining the Ethena Community

Ethena provides not only innovative financial products but also a dynamic community for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to join. From regular hangouts and meetups to opportunities for members to engage, network, and share ideas, Ethena fosters a thriving community.

How to Join and Contribute

Ethena extends beyond being a project; it represents a community. With a vesting schedule focused on the top 2000 wallet users and holders of Pendle’s YT token to encourage sustained participation in the Ethena ecosystem, it’s clear that Ethena values its community.

Staying Informed

Given the rapid evolution of the cryptocurrency world, staying updated is of utmost importance. Ethena offers various resources to keep the community informed about relevant topics and updates, including:

  • Webinars

  • Articles

  • Guides

  • Whitepapers

For inquiries and support, Ethena has a dedicated customer support email,


From its innovative ENA token to its synthetic dollar protocol, Ethena Labs is pioneering a revolution in the DeFi sector. With a thriving community, strategic roadmap, and unique investment opportunities, the future of Ethena looks promising. It’s not just about cryptocurrency; it’s about reshaping the future of finance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ethena crypto?

Ethena crypto refers to the ENA token issued by Ethena Labs, a decentralized finance protocol offering a yield-earning synthetic dollar. This new governance token almost doubled in price overnight.

What is ethena token?

Ethena Labs has introduced ENA as a governance token for its decentralized finance protocol, currently trading at approximately $1.078, showing a +10.88% change in the last 24 hours. The token started trading on April 2 at around $0.60.

What is the Ethena Labs' vision?

Ethena Labs' vision is to innovate in the cryptocurrency market by introducing a profit opportunity through a crypto-native synthetic dollar alternative, aiming to compete for a share of the $130 billion stablecoin market.

How can I buy ENA tokens?

To buy ENA tokens, you can use Bitfinex and trade with fiat currency, following the complete verification process and depositing funds through bank wire.

What are the upcoming milestones for Ethena?

Ethena's upcoming milestones include the ENA Token Launch, exchange listings, the addition of Bitcoin (BTC) as a new collateral option, the launch of the Sats Campaign, and the initiation of the second season of Ethena's Incentive Campaign. These developments will mark significant progress for the platform.

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