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As of 21 мая 2024 г., the global cryptocurrency market cap is $992.68M with a +1.24% change in the last 24 hours. JASMY's current price is $0.0204389, with a 24-hour trading volume of $--. JASMY is +0.93% in the last 24 hours, with a circulating supply of 48.42B JASMY coins and a maximum supply of 50.00B JASMY coins. JASMY ranks 101 by market cap. It has a 24H high of $0.02113095 recorded on 21 мая 2024 г., and its 24H low so far is $0.02011565, recorded on 21 мая 2024 г..

What Is the Highest Price of JASMY?

JASMY has an all-time high (ATH) of $4.79 , recorded on 16 февр. 2021 г..

What Is the Lowest Price of JASMY?

JASMY has an all-time low (ATL) of $0.00275026, recorded on 29 дек. 2022 г..

About JasmyCoin (JASMY)

In a world where data has become the new currency, personal information is often under the control of corporations, leaving individuals powerless. Enter Jasmy Coin - a blockchain-based project focused on decentralization, data protection, and user control. In this blog post, we’ll explore the value and potential of Jasmy Coin by answering the question, “what is Jasmy Coin?” This revolutionary digital asset aims to empower users to take back control of their data and turn it into a profitable asset.

Key Takeaways

  • Jasmy Coin is a utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to take control of their data and monetize it.

  • Jasmy Coin has created numerous partnerships with leading industry contributors to provide secure data exchange environments and restore data sovereignty for individuals, demonstrating its potential as a groundbreaking digital asset.

What is Jasmy Coin?

Jasmy Coin, a utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain, gives users access to the features of the Jasmy platform. At its core, the Jasmy platform is a Japanese IoT company that created Jasmy Coin to allow users to monetize their personal data and provide them with the means to take control of their data in the digital age of the Internet of Things (IoT). With Jasmy Coin’s personal data locker, users can store, manage, and monetize their personal data by deciding who can access it and sharing it with companies.

The Jasmy network, powered by blockchain technology, offers a secure environment for storing, saving, and exchanging data. Jasmy champions data democracy, providing users the means to control and profit from their individual IoT data using blockchain technology. JASMY, as the native token of the Jasmy ecosystem, facilitates transactions and rewards, allowing users to seamlessly control and monetize their data.

The Genesis of Jasmy Coin

Jasmy Coin was introduced in October 2021 by Tokyo-based IoT provider Jasmy Corporation, which sought to address challenges such as lack of consumer data and real-world progress. With a vision to create a secure environment for data exchange, Jasmy Coin quickly gained attention in the digital currency markets, experiencing a 26 percent increase in its first week. This rapid growth has led many to consider the option to buy Jasmy Coin as a potential investment.

Jasmy Coin's Market Presence

As of now, JASMY is ranked 101 with the following statistics:

  • Market cap: $992.68M

  • Daily trading volume: $--

  • Current price: $0.0204389

  • Highest price: $4.79

  • Lowest price: $0.00275026

These numbers showcase the growth potential and volatilityof Jasmy Coin (JASMY).

The recent performance of Jasmy Coin illustrates its investment potential. Here are the key points:

  • Jasmy Coin has experienced a percentage change of +0.93% in the last 24 hours.

  • It has outperformed the global market but underperformed similar cryptocurrencies.

  • As more users become aware of Jasmy Coin’s vision and value, this unique digital asset is expected to continue making waves in the cryptocurrencymarket.

Jasmy Coin Use Cases

Jasmy Coin’s primary use cases revolve around rewarding users for sharing their IoT data and facilitating secure transactions within the Jasmy ecosystem. Jasmy Coin motivates users to contribute their data and ensures a safe transaction environment, aiming to foster individual empowerment and a fairer data ecosystem.

Rewarding Data Sharing

Users who share their IoT data on the Jasmy network are rewarded with JASMY tokens. This innovative incentive model encourages individuals to participate in the ecosystem and monetize their data, giving them an opportunity to reap the benefits of their personal information.

Facilitating Secure Transactions

Jasmy Coin leverages blockchain technology and smart contracts to ensure secure transactions within its ecosystem. Through a decentralized protocol and cryptographic security, Jasmy Coin offers a safe and democratic platform for users to securely store and swap their data, mitigating fraud and ensuring secure Jasmy Coin transactions.

The Technology Behind Jasmy Coin

Jasmy Coin’s technology stack combines the following components to ensure data security and user control:

  • IoT: Enables trustless data exchange between IoT devices and decentralized protocols

  • IPFS: Utilized for secure data management and storage

  • SKC: Enhances data security measures

IoT plays a crucial role in Jasmy Coin’s technology stack, enabling trustless data exchange between IoT devices and decentralized protocols, and using edge computing and IPFS for secure data management and storage.

IPFS, or the InterPlanetary File System, provides decentralized data storage solutions, utilizing content addressing to uniquely identify each file and ensuring an effective system for storing and accessing files, websites, applications, and data.

At the heart of Jasmy Coin’s technology lies the Secure Knowledge Communicator (SKC), which enhances data security and user control. SKC enables users to manage, control, and trace their personal data securely, providing a data democratization platform where users have full ownership of their personal data.

With SKC, users can engage in storing data and utilize their own personal data safely in various transactions and regain control over their personal information.

Jasmy's Vision for Data Democracy

Jasmy envisions facilitating data democracy, enabling users to control and profit from their individual IoT data via blockchain technology. By granting individuals and communities increased control and ownership over their data, data democracy advocates for:

  • A more accessible data ecosystem

  • A more transparent data ecosystem

  • A more regulated data ecosystem

  • A data ecosystem free from centralized authorities

On the Jasmy Coin platform, users can upload and manage their personal information, decide which companies can access their data, and earn Jasmy Coin rewards for data sharing. This approach empowers individuals to take control of their own data and benefit from it, rather than allowing large companies to monopolize the profits.

How to Acquire and Store Jasmy Coin

Users interested in acquiring JASMY tokens can follow these steps:

  1. Set up an account on Bybit.

  2. Complete the verification process and deposit funds into your exchange account.

  3. Search for Jasmy Coin (JASMY) on the trading platform.

  4. Place a buy order using your deposited funds.

  5. Once the order is filled, the Jasmy Coin will be added to your exchange wallet.

To store Jasmy Coin securely, it’s recommended to use compatible wallets like MetaMask. For larger amounts of Jasmy Coin, employing cold storage or hardware wallets ensures optimal protection of assets. For additional security measures for their crypto wallet, users can use Bybit Web3 Wallet.

Comparing Jasmy Coin to Peers

Compared to its Ethereum Ecosystem peers, Jasmy Coin’s price performance reveals an 11.10% increase over the past seven days, surpassing the global market but falling short of similar cryptocurrencies. This demonstrates Jasmy Coin’s potential for growth, as well as its volatility, which could attract swing traders and investors seeking higher returns.

Bear in mind that as the cryptocurrency market continually evolves, the performance of Jasmy Coin relative to other cryptocurrencies may fluctuate. As the project continues to develop and expand its ecosystem, Jasmy Coin has the potential to climb the ranks and become a prominent player in the Ethereum Ecosystem.

Jasmy Coin's Roadmap and Future Projects

For more information on Jasmy Coin’s future roadmap and projects, visit the official website. Jasmy Coin plans to expand its ecosystem by constructing a secure and dependable infrastructure for its users, which includes the development of Jasmy Chain, a Layer 2 solution built on the Ethereum blockchain, intended to democratize data and enhance scalability.

Jasmy Coin is also committed to improving its core functions, such as the transfer and approval processes, and Jasmy aims to fully vest the supply of Jasmy Coin by January 31, 2025. With a focus on accelerating the growth of blockchain technology, Jasmy Coin is poised to make significant strides in the future.

Real-World Impact and Partnerships

Jasmy Coin’s real-world influence and partnerships emphasize the creation of a secure data exchange environment and the fostering of collaborations with IoT providers and other industry contributors. Some of Jasmy Coin’s partnerships include:

  • Kana Labs

  • Toyota Motor

  • Witz

  • DWF Labs

Through these partnerships, Jasmy Coin has demonstrated successful real-world applications, such as providing security-based services and targeted solutions for businesses in the post-pandemic era, and restoring data sovereignty for individuals.

These partnerships and real-world applications showcase the significant potential of Jasmy Coin in shaping the future of data management and security. As the project continues to grow and forge new alliances, Jasmy Coin’s impact on the industry is expected to expand further, solidifying its position as a groundbreaking digital asset.


Jasmy Coin represents a revolutionary approach to data management and security, empowering users to take control of their personal IoT data and monetize it through blockchain technology. With a focus on data democracy, secure transactions, and a robust technology stack, Jasmy Coin is poised to make a significant impact on the world of digital assets. As the project continues to expand its ecosystem and forge strategic partnerships, the potential of Jasmy Coin to reshape the way we interact with our data becomes increasingly apparent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jasmy Coin's primary purpose?

Jasmy Coin's primary purpose is to enable users to securely and decentralizedly monetize their personal IoT data.

How can I acquire and store Jasmy Coin?

To acquire and store Jasmy Coin, you can purchase them on exchanges such as Bybit.

What technology stack does Jasmy Coin use?

Jasmy Coin utilizes an advanced technology stack consisting of IoT, IPFS and SKC to securely store user data and ensure user control.

What is Jasmy's vision for data democracy?

Jasmy envisions a world where users can manage and monetize their individual IoT data through blockchain technology, creating a data democracy.

What are some examples of Jasmy Coin's real-world impact?

Jasmy Coin has provided security-based services and targeted solutions for businesses, as well as restored data sovereignty for individuals, demonstrating its successful real-world applications.

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