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As of 15 сәу 2024, the global cryptocurrency market cap is $342.13M with a +11.49% change in the last 24 hours. Today's price of PIXEL is $0.445567, with a 24-hour trading volume of $--. PIXEL is +12.79% in the last 24 hours, with a circulating supply of 771.04M PIXEL coins and a maximum supply of 5.00B PIXEL coins. PIXEL ranks 210 by market cap. It has a 24H high of $0.462785 recorded on 15 сәу 2024, and its 24H low so far is $0.386018, recorded on 15 сәу 2024.

What Is the Highest Price of PIXEL?

PIXEL has an all-time high (ATH) of $1.017 , recorded on 11 нау 2024.

What Is the Lowest Price of PIXEL?

PIXEL has an all-time low (ATL) of $0.341753, recorded on 13 сәу 2024.

About Pixels (PIXEL)

If you’re exploring the frontier of gaming and cryptocurrency, you might wonder, what is Pixel Crypto? Simply put, Pixel Crypto refers to PIXEL tokens, the digital currency used within the Pixels gaming platform. These tokens are more than virtual coins – they fuel the game’s economy, empower players to monetize their achievements, and serve as a gateway to exclusive content. In this article, we unravel the technology behind PIXEL, its role in the gaming ecosystem, and how it merges entertainment with tangible value.

Key Takeaways

  • PIXEL tokens are the proprietary cryptocurrency of the Pixels gaming platform, designed to create a comprehensive ecosystem where players earn real-world value from in-game achievements.
  • The PIXEL token has significant trading volume and value, with a current market price over $0.445567, a market cap of over $342.13M, and carefully managed circulating supply of 771.04M million out of 5 billion tokens.
  • Acquiring PIXEL tokens involves a simple process through cryptocurrency exchanges, and ownership of these tokens provides players with in-game currency utility, access to exclusive content, and a voice in the game’s community governance.

What is PIXEL Token?

Our gaming universe thrives on PIXEL tokens. These tokens aren’t just any currency; they are the driving force behind the Pixels gaming platform, pushing the boundaries of the gaming industry. With PIXEL tokens, you’re not just playing a game; you’re part of a thriving ecosystem where your skills and strategies are rewarded.

The PIXEL Token Defined

Specially crafted for the Pixels game universe, the PIXEL token stands out as a unique cryptocurrency. Its utility spans various in-game activities, from completing tasks to trading within the game’s economy.

The power of PIXEL tokens lies in their ability to transform gaming achievements into real-world value.

PIXEL's Place in the Gaming World

PIXEL tokens bring a new definition to the gaming experience in Pixels. Think of them as premium currencies in other games, but with a wider range of applications. Want to buy pixels, a VIP pass, or a piece of NFT land? PIXEL tokens make it possible. They offer more than just aesthetics or temporary boosts; they’re your ticket to an enhanced gaming experience and a thriving in-game economy.

PIXEL's Technological Backbone

The strength of PIXEL tokens extends beyond their in-game utility to the on chain technology that underpins them. When we migrated to the Ronin Network in late 2023, we unlocked faster and secure PIXEL transactions, ensuring smooth gaming experiences.

PIXEL tokens promote interoperability and acceptance worldwide, regardless of whether you’re using the Ronin or Ethereum blockchains.

PIXEL's Market Insights

Not only is PIXEL a game-changer in the virtual world, but it’s also causing a stir in the cryptocurrency realm. With a trading volume surpassing $1 billion and a 24-hour trading volume of approximately $--, PIXEL tokens have caught the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide.

But that’s not all; let’s move on to unravel PIXEL’s current price and its circulating supply.

Tracking the Current Price of PIXEL

PIXEL tokens currently trade at a price $0.445567. However, the trading price can vary across different cryptocurrency exchanges. Whether you’re eyeing Bybit, keeping a close watch on exchange rates can help you secure the best possible purchase price.

PIXEL's Circulating Supply and Demand

With a controlled release strategy, PIXEL has managed to circulate 771.04M tokens out of a total of 5 billion. This strategy not only provides a measure of the total value of PIXEL tokens in circulation but also contributes to its market cap, which currently stands over $342.13M.

How to Acquire PIXEL Tokens

Fascinated by PIXEL tokens? Now is the time to acquire them! Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a beginner, acquiring PIXEL tokens is a straightforward process. All you need is a reputable cryptocurrency exchange and a compatible wallet.

Let’s delve into the steps to purchase PIXEL tokens and how to choose the right exchange.

Steps to Purchase PIXEL

Ready to purchase PIXEL tokens? Here’s how:

  1. Set up a compatible cryptocurrency wallet.
  2. Buy a base currency through your cryptocurrency exchange account and transfer it to your wallet.
  3. Connect your wallet to a compatible Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

  4. Trade your base currency for PIXEL tokens.

Just make sure to use the correct and verified wallet address to ensure a smooth transaction.

Choosing the Right Exchange

Just as crucial as the purchase itself is selecting the right exchange for buying PIXEL tokens. Look for an exchange that offers robust security features, an intuitive user interface, and sufficient trading volume for PIXEL tokens.

Transparency in fees and responsive customer support can also make your buying experience smoother.

PIXEL in Action: Use Cases and Rewards

More than just buying and trading, PIXEL tokens enrich the full experience of the Pixels Universe. From NFT minting to VIP memberships, PIXEL tokens unlock exclusive experiences and rewards.

Whether you’re a casual player or a gaming enthusiast, PIXEL tokens add a new dimension to your gaming journey.

PIXEL as In-Game Currency

PIXEL tokens, being the primary currency in the Pixels game, have several benefits:

  • They fuel in-game transactions
  • They enhance user engagement
  • They offer access to exclusive guilds
  • They provide VIP status
  • They enable asset creation

Additionally, PIXEL tokens replace the old in-game ‘soft currency’, BERRY, marking a significant change in the game’s economic system.

Earning and Spending PIXEL Tokens

Earning as well as spending is part of the PIXEL tokens’ utility! Active engagement in Pixels game events like ‘play-to-airdrop’ campaigns can earn you PIXEL tokens. These tokens can then be spent on a variety of in-game items or even real-life merchandise related to Pixels game.

Governance and Community Control

Holding PIXEL tokens is more than just owning a currency; it’s about having a say in the Pixels ecosystem. As a PIXEL token holder, you can participate in community decisions and influence the direction of the Pixels project.

This decentralized governance model sets PIXEL apart from traditional gaming currencies.

PIXEL's Growth and Expansion

The journey of PIXEL doesn’t stop here. With strong market performance and promising future plans, PIXEL is on a growth trajectory. With strategic partnerships and the introduction of new game features, PIXEL is well-positioned to reshape the gaming future.

PIXEL's Performance Over the Past Week

Over the past week, PIXEL’s usd price has experienced significant fluctuations. With a high of $1.017 and a low of $0.341753, PIXEL’s dynamic market performance is a testament to its active market presence and potential for future growth.

Distribution and Adoption Strategies

The distribution strategy of PIXEL matches the uniqueness of the token itself. From promotional play-to-airdrop campaigns to a Bybit Launchpool rewards program, PIXEL has fostered a strong community engagement. This community-centric development approach is a key factor in PIXEL’s widespread adoption and success.

Future Developments in the Pixels Universe

PIXEL’s future looks promising, with plans to:

  • Introduce new game features
  • Expand PIXEL’s utility in the Web3 gaming space
  • Phase out the PIXELBERRY token
  • Introduce a new Task Board
  • Enhance player rewards

These are just a few of the exciting developments on the horizon.

PIXEL and the Blockchain Gaming Revolution

PIXEL serves not only as a game token but also as a catalyst for the blockchain gaming revolution. By integrating gaming with blockchain technology, PIXEL offers players real-world rewards and an active role in the game’s development.

Let’s delve deeper into PIXEL’s role in Web3 gaming and how it compares with traditional gaming models.

PIXEL's Role in Web3 Gaming

The integration of PIXEL with Web3 technologies provides an enriched and captivating gaming experience. It serves as a gateway for many users into the broader Web3 space, positioning PIXEL at the forefront of the blockchain gaming revolution.

Comparing Traditional and Blockchain Gaming

A departure from traditional gaming systems, PIXEL’s blockchain model enables players to truly own in-game assets and monetize them. This transformative approach emphasizes player ownership and control, setting PIXEL apart from traditional video game models.


We’ve journeyed through the Pixels Universe, exploring the revolutionary PIXEL tokens. From their role in the game to their market performance and future developments, PIXEL tokens are changing the face of gaming. With PIXEL, you’re not just playing a game; you’re part of a thriving ecosystem and the future of gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to play PIXEL NFT?

To start playing PIXEL NFT, go to https://play.pixels.xyz/ and connect with MetaMask to save your in-game progress and use your owned NFT assets within the game.

Is Pixels free to play?

Yes, Pixels is free to play, allowing a wide range of gamers to explore its offerings.

What is Pixels online?

Pixels online is an interoperable web3 farming game that offers unlimited adventure, skill mastery, social play, and new styles of gameplay for building communities and enjoying virtual worlds.

What is PIXEL crypto?

PIXEL crypto is a digital token used in a game that combines crypto economics with NFT-based land plots and pets, transitioning from the Polygon network to the Ronin sidechain last fall.

What are PIXEL tokens?

PIXEL tokens are a unique cryptocurrency designed for use within the Pixels game universe.

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