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As of 21 апр. 2024 г., the global cryptocurrency market cap is $1.08B with a +13.34% change in the last 24 hours. Today's price of WLD is $5.66, with a 24-hour trading volume of $--. WLD is +13.21% in the last 24 hours, with a circulating supply of 191.40M WLD coins and a maximum supply of 10.00B WLD coins. WLD ranks 93 by market cap. It has a 24H high of $5.84 recorded on 21 апр. 2024 г., and its 24H low so far is $5.00, recorded on 21 апр. 2024 г..

What Is the Highest Price of WLD?

WLD has an all-time high (ATH) of $11.74 , recorded on 10 мар. 2024 г..

What Is the Lowest Price of WLD?

WLD has an all-time low (ATL) of $0.973104, recorded on 13 сент. 2023 г..

About Worldcoin (WLD)

Worldcoin: The Emerging Digital Currency's Performance and Future Outlook

‘Worldcoin’ surfaces as a fusion of modern identity verification and cryptocurrency. Through its distinct ‘Orb’ technology and ‘World ID’, it’s making strides in creating a universally accessible economic network. This article uncovers the mechanics of Worldcoin, its market presence, and aspirations, equipping you with insights into its role in the digital currency domain.

Key Takeaways

  • Worldcoin is an expansive identity and financial network leveraging biometric technology and cryptocurrency to create a global scale, privacy-focused digital currency and ecosystem.
  • The technology behind Worldcoin includes the Orb device for secure, unique biometric identification and the World App, facilitating accessible digital transactions and financial inclusion across diverse global communities.
  • Worldcoin is actively developing through partnerships, a community-governed roadmap to decentralization, and real-world applications aimed at empowering users and businesses with secure transactions and financial services.

Exploring the Worldcoin Ecosystem

Worldcoin is more than a cryptocurrency; it’s an open-source protocol with the ambitious goal of creating the world’s largest identity and financial network. The World App, being the project’s core, opens the doors to this global network for more than 3 million unique users across five continents. Despite the project’s rapid growth and the excitement surrounding it, the Worldcoin team recognizes the uncertainties and challenges ahead.

The pursuit of creating a globally inclusive financial network, with access to the global economy for all, is an ambitious goal, but every journey begins with a single step.

The Vision of Worldcoin

The founders of Worldcoin, Max Novendstern and Alex Blania, dream of a project that functions as a universally accessible decentralized identity and financial network. They see Worldcoin as a means to increase economic opportunities and establish secure ways to verify human identities online, thereby aiming to create global scale alignment and technological prosperity.

This vision is not just about creating a new digital currency but about enhancing trade efficiency, market integration, and economic growth in the global economy on a global scale.

The Technology Behind Worldcoin

Central to Worldcoin’s technology is the Orb, a unique biometric device that serves as one of the essential tools for humanity. This unique device uses multispectral sensors to ensure that each World ID issued is unique and tied to a human, not an AI or a bot.

This novel approach enables Worldcoin to establish a secure and reliable ecosystem wherein every participant is unique and verified.

The Worldcoin Community

As diverse and global as its vision, so is the Worldcoin community. With participants from over a dozen countries, including:

  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Czech Republic
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Turkey
  • Uruguay

The Worldcoin Project, powered by the innovative Worldcoin Protocol, truly represents a global movement.

This geographic diversity reflects the project’s ambition to create a worldwide financial network that is inclusive and accessible to all.

Understanding World ID

World ID serves as an essential component of the Worldcoin ecosystem, which is striving to become the world’s largest identity system. This privacy-preserving digital identity system aims to create a global standard for proof of personhood. By differentiating humans from AI and maintaining user privacy, World ID forms the backbone of Worldcoin’s network.

Acting as a digital passport for the internet, it allows individuals to authenticate their uniqueness and humanity without revealing their identity.

How World ID Enhances Security

By utilizing secure and private iris recognition technology, World ID bolsters security, verifying each person’s unique identity. The Orb device generates an individual’s iris code, and the images collected are immediately deleted after this process, ensuring no personal information is stored.

This rigorous verification process ensures that each individual is accurately represented in digital systems, thereby enhancing security within the Worldcoin ecosystem.

World ID and User Privacy

In the digital currency sphere, user privacy takes precedence. World ID conforms to privacy principles by:

  • Implementing data collection and using personal data based on user consent or a legal basis, ensuring data custody is maintained
  • Providing individuals with the right to access, rectify, and delete their personal data
  • Ensuring they have oversight and options for redress within the system

Furthermore, World ID empowers users to transfer their personal data across different environments, fostering trust and transparency in the system.

The Role of the World App

The World App extends beyond being merely a digital wallet; it serves as a portal into the Worldcoin ecosystem. Designed for simplicity and usability, the app facilitates the creation of a World ID and offers an effortless access to a decentralized financial framework.

The World App allows users to manage their digital funds, conduct transactions, and claim Worldcoin grants, all while keeping their personal data private.

Accessibility and Ownership

Designed to be inclusive, the World App caters to a variety of connectivity and literacy levels across diverse regions. Through self-custodial elements, such as World ID and wallet keys, the app places ownership and control of digital assets in the hands of users.

Furthermore, several components of the World App are already, or will become, open source, promoting transparency and broader participation in the app’s development.

The Future of Digital Transactions

The World App foresees a future where decentralized technologies augment privacy-preserving identity and governance. With 1.5 million people joining the pre-release and half a million active users per month, the World App’s ease of use and non-custodial wallet feature demonstrate its growing role in connecting people globally through digital transactions.

The app’s potential to advance governance and inclusive economy points towards a future with more equitable and secure collective decision-making.

Financial Aspects of Worldcoin

The financial aspects of Worldcoin significantly contribute to its appeal. Here are some key statistics:

  • Market cap: $1.08B USD
  • Circulating supply: 191.40M
  • 24-hour trading volume: $-- USD
  • Current live price: $5.66 USD

These numbers reflect the growing popularity and stability of crypto assets, such as this currency, in the digital currency market.

Worldcoin Price Dynamics

Various factors influence the price dynamics of Worldcoin, including market sentiment, investor confidence, and strategic accumulation. Several instances, such as a single wallet purchasing 2.09 million WLD from Binance, led to a 25% increase in Worldcoin’s price.

Positive derivatives data for WLD tokens, including a rise in open interest and trading volume, reflect strong investor confidence, contributing to an uptrend in Worldcoin’s price.

Worldcoin as an Investment

Worldcoin extends beyond being just a digital currency; it also presents a potential investment opportunity. While the investment quality of Worldcoin is considered moderate, it has viable growth potential that requires investors to be mindful of market conditions and the project’s ongoing developments.

The unique distribution model of WLD tokens, aiming to distribute the tokens to all humans globally, adds an interesting aspect to its investment potential.

The Worldcoin Foundation: Governance and Development

The Worldcoin Foundation holds a crucial responsibility of supporting the community and steering the project’s governance and development. With a mission to incorporate humanness into the digital world’s infrastructure, the foundation emphasizes community-based solutions for challenges on both local and global scales.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Forging partnerships and collaborations is vital for the expansion of the Worldcoin ecosystem. The Worldcoin Foundation has awarded about 800,000 WLD to various projects globally to advance the Worldcoin technology. This includes a $5 million grants program specially focused on the development of the eye-scanning ecosystem.

These strategic alliances help broaden the ecosystem and its offerings.

The Roadmap Ahead

Several ambitious targets are included in the forthcoming roadmap for Worldcoin. These targets include:

  • Decentralization as a prime objective for Worldcoin’s future, although clear timelines are not set due to varying stakeholder perceptions and regulatory challenges.
  • Working on improving the robustness of the ecosystem.
  • Enhancing the registration process for World ID.

The roadmap also includes possibilities for other manufacturers and developers to produce Orbs and create alternative user verification methods.

Worldcoin in Practice: Use Cases and Real-World Application

The real-world applications of Worldcoin include:

  • Functioning as a digital currency
  • Inclusive digital identity system that can prevent bot interference
  • Facilitating more equitable governance and resource distribution

Moreover, Worldcoin allows for giving ownership and transfer of digital money across borders, offering secure, global transactions.

Empowering Users Globally

Worldcoin endeavors to empower users around the globe by offering access to digital financial services. This can be particularly beneficial for emerging market and lower-income economies by offering financial services to those who currently lack access to traditional bank accounts.

By leveraging mobile money services and introducing central bank digital currencies, Worldcoin can enhance financial inclusion in regions where traditional banking infrastructure is scarce or absent.

Businesses and Worldcoin

Businesses stand to gain from Worldcoin’s secure identity verification and global reach as well. The Worldcoin Foundation is making strategic efforts to integrate businesses into the Worldcoin network to increase the utility of the Worldcoin token.

Within business operations, World ID has potential applications such as protecting against over-distribution in limited-supply releases, reinforcing loyalty programs, and managing the creation of user accounts.

The Founders' Perspective

Co-founder of Worldcoin, Alex Blania, perceives the cryptocurrency as a tool for disseminating technological prosperity and views addressing global scale alignment as one of the critical challenges of our era. This vision is reflected in the project’s mission, as Worldcoin aims to become a universal digital currency accessible to everyone on the planet.

From Idea to Reality

The journey of Worldcoin from an idea to its current reality has been a path marked by innovation and a unique distribution model. The Worldcoin team developed the unique orb device to biometrically scan users’ eyes to ensure unique coin distribution and prevent fraud.

As part of its mission to create a more inclusive financial system, Worldcoin initially targeted countries with lower rates of banked individuals.

Addressing Concerns and Criticisms

Proactively addressing concerns and criticisms about the project, the founders of Worldcoin have shown responsiveness. They actively engage in dialogue with the community, addressing concerns over the long-term viability and utility of Worldcoin. Recognizing user feedback, they have made updates to the World App for improved performance and a more user-friendly experience.


In conclusion, Worldcoin represents a bold vision for the future of digital currencies. With its unique identity verification system, globally inclusive financial network, and commitment to user privacy, Worldcoin is paving the way for a new era of digital transactions. As it continues to evolve and grow, Worldcoin is set to make a significant impact on the global digital economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is 1 Worldcoin worth?

1 Worldcoin is worth approximately US$5.66 with a 24-hour trading volume of $--. WLD has seen a +13.21%% change in the last 24 hours.

Is Worldcoin a good investment?

Based on historical data, it appears to be profitable to invest in Worldcoin at the moment.

What does Worldcoin do?

Worldcoin is designed to become the world's largest digital identity and financial network, providing universal access to the global economy, regardless of country or background, in the age of AI.

Is Worldcoin in USA?

No, Worldcoin (WLD) is not currently available for purchase or supported in the United States, including on platforms like Coinbase. It is also restricted for residents and companies located in the US.

How does Worldcoin work?

Worldcoin works by using AI and biometric data to establish a person's identity and allow them to participate in a global economy through its decentralized cryptocurrency. It combines these technologies in an open source protocol.

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