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Structured products are innovative financial instruments that provide diverse return outcomes, determined at the time of purchase and dependent on future market movements.
Dual Asset
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Dual Asset
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Earn as You Wait to Buy/Sell
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All market conditions
There are two types of products under Dual Asset, “Buy Low” or “Sell High”.
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Buy Low
Invest USDT
Choose a target price lower than current price to Buy Low and get more crypto that you would if you bought at the target price.
Sell High
Invest BTC
Choose a target price higher than current price to Sell High, to get more USDT than you would if you sold at the target price.
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Dual Asset empowers both seasoned traders and HODLers, offering solutions to maximize returns and earn passive income on your crypto holdings. Dual Asset is perfect for: - Take Profit: Sell crypto at your target price to lock in profits while earning interest. - Buy the Dip: Buy crypto at your desired price while earning interest. - Earn Passive Income: Earn high returns on your crypto holdings while passively growing your portfolio.
Strategic Tips
Dual Asset delivers stable long-term returns in moderately fluctuating markets. It has the potential to outperform traditional savings products over extended periods of time when invested within reasonable ranges. However, Dual Asset may be eclipsed by products designed for volatility during periods of sudden market fluctuations.
Dual Asset
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