Introduction to the Bybit NFT Marketplace
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    The Bybit NFT Marketplace is your one-stop destination for listing and trading NFTs. Here, you can get early access to cutting-edge NFT collections from creators worldwide, including special projects Bybit supports.

    At Bybit NFT Marketplace, you can buy your favorite NFTs — digital art, collectibles and those of GameFi and the metaverse, and more — without extra fees. You can also make payments using the token the NFT is priced in, including ETH, USDT and XTZ.


    It’s worth noting that each NFT on Bybit is only priced with one token. For example, if an NFT uses XTZ as its pricing unit, you cannot use other tokens — USDT or ETH — for trade.


    You can also buy Mystery Boxes at a fixed price on Bybit NFT Marketplace. An NFT Mystery Box contains a unique random NFT, which comes in four different rarity levels: N (Normal), R (Rare), SR (Super Rare) and SSR (Super Super Rare). You can open the Mystery Box anytime, or trade it without opening for a profit.


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    Bybit NFT — FAQ





    Trading Methods

    Currently, you can trade NFTs using Fixed Price. There is one more trading method — Auction — which is expected to be supported in the near future!





    How to Get Started

    • For existing users, you can begin trading with your Bybit Spot Account.
    • If you‘re new to Bybit, you can follow the steps below to start your NFT journey:
    1. Create a Bybit account
    2. Deposit or Buy Crypto
    3. Trade NFTs 


    Note: Please make sure you have USDT, XTZ or ETH in your Spot Account before trading.





    Deposit and Withdraw NFTs 

    NFT deposit and withdrawal is now supported on the Web version. Please note that only NFT projects or collections approved by Bybit can be deposited or withdrawn. Using an unsupported network to deposit NFT may lead to loss of assets.

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    How to Deposit Your NFT into Bybit

    How to Withdraw Your NFT from Bybit





    Are you an NFT creator?

    The Bybit NFT Marketplace pays NFT creators a royalty fee* so that creators can receive a share of each secondary sale.

    **The royalty fee is not fixed and varies according to the project. A percentage of the sale price is charged

    Please email us at if you're interested in offering your NFTs on Bybit. 


    Note: Self minting of NFTs on Bybit NFT is currently not supported. NFTs traded on the Bybit NFT Marketplace are minted via the Ethereum blockchain. 

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