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    About Us | Bybit Web3

    Bybit, the most trusted crypto exchange, now offers next-level Web3 services. We connect you to the world of Web3 with best-in-class reliability and security.


    Your Gateway to The Web3 World

    Bybit's Web3 wallet provides easy access for you to explore the new and exciting world of Web3. Bybit helps ensure the security of your digital assets, so you may explore the next generation of the world wide web and its tokenized economy without the hassle of managing and storing private keys. As a custodial wallet, the Bybit wallet holds your assets in custody and owns the private key to your wallet.



    Custodial Service

    Non-Custodial Service

    Private Keys

    Managed by a custodian (Bybit)

    Managed by users

    Password Storage



    KYC Requirements

    Not required

    Not required

    Transaction Fees

    Blockchain network fees

    Blockchain network fees

    Ease of Use


    Not user-friendly

    Customer Support




    With a one-click wallet creation process, the Bybit wallet is easy to use and requires no individual responsibility when managing private keys, making it convenient for newcomers to the Web3 space.


    What’s More

    With the Bybit wallet, you can seamlessly access the decentralized web of DeFi, GameFi, and NFTs. The Bybit wallet also offers the following benefits:

    • Cross-chain Compatibility

    • Private Key Management

    • Airdrop Management (Helps you to collect airdrops automatically on the blockchain)

    • Access to NFT Marketplace

    • Access to DeFi Products (Swap, Earn, and Lending)

    • Decentralized Identity Management

    The Bybit wallet aims to be the preferred gateway to the Web3 ecosystem for all Bybit users and crypto users worldwide.


    Sail into the world of Web3 with Bybit

    Note: Bybit Web3 is currently only available on Android. iOS coming soon - please stay tuned.

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