Stablecoin Trading for Professional Investors
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    In line with our commitment to adapting to the evolving regulatory environment, while ensuring the provision of the highest-grade services to our Hong Kong users, Hong Kong platform will feature product offerings that are compliant with relevant regulatory laws, providing our users with a safe, secure and accessible outlet as they venture into the vast world of crypto. 



    In order to be eligible for stablecoin trading, you must complete the following steps first to be approved as a Professional Investor. Otherwise, you are not eligible for stablecoin trading. To complete verification as a Hong Kong user on the Hong Kong platform, you must complete all verifications required below:


    1. Proof of Identity

    2. Name Screening

    3. Crypto Knowledge Test

    4. Risk Tolerance Test

    5. Proof of Address 

    6. Professional Investor Verification and Declaration

    7. Client Agreement





    Here’s a step-by-step guide to completing Individual KYC verification on the Hong Kong platform. You can check the verification status from the Verification Level on the page. 


    Step 1: Hover to the avatar icon on the right side of the navigation bar, then click on Account & Security to enter the Account & Security page. 







    Step 2: Click on Verify Now in the Identity Verification column under Account Info to enter the Identity Verification page.







    Step 3: You will see two sections for Identity Verification: “Current Verification Steps” and “Next Steps for Verification Completion”. This is because some verifications are interrelated, and you need to complete some basic verifications before you can proceed to the next one. Any verification with an available Verify button is eligible for completion.


    (A) Proof Of Identity

    • Select the country or region that issued your ID, and your identity document type to upload proof of identity document(s). Click on Confirm to continue.

    • Before you start, prepare your identity document and make sure it is valid. Take a photo of the front and back side of your document. 

    • Please ensure the document photo clearly shows your full name and date of birth.

    • After taking the photo of your identity document, complete your facial recognition scan through your laptop’s camera.




    (B) Name Screening

    This step will begin immediately after your proof of identity has been successfully verified. Typically, name screening is verified concurrently with the Proof of identity verification. However, under specific circumstances, we may reach out to you via your registered email to request additional information. Please ensure to monitor your email inbox accordingly in such instances. 

    (C) Proof of Address

    • We only accepts Proof of address documents such as utility bills, bank statements, tax bills, or residential proof issued by your government. 

    • The Proof of Address must be issued within the last three (3) months. Documents dated older than three months will be rejected. 

    • Please note that only proof of residency in Hong Kong is accepted. 

    • The verification process may take up to 2 hours to yield results.


    (D) Crypto Knowledge Test

    • This questionnaire and test are designed to assess whether the user has the knowledge of virtual assets, including knowledge of the relevant risks associated with virtual assets. 

    • If you do not possess such knowledge, you are advised to read and understand the general risk disclosure statements and educational materials available online such as Learn or Help Center.

    • Upon confirming that you understand the nature and risks of crypto assets you can then retake the Crypto Knowledge Test.


    (E) Risk Tolerance Test

    • The risk tolerance test is to help you understand your risk profile based on your capacity and tolerance for risk.

    • The results from this questionnaire do not constitute investment advice, nor should they be seen as an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy or sell any financial products.

    • If your test results indicate that your risk tolerance level is not suitable for engaging in crypto trading, you will fail the assessment.

    • If your risk profile has changed, you can retake the Risk Tolerance Test. You are only allowed to retry the assessment three times every two weeks.


    (F) Professional Investor Verification and Declaration

    • Last but not least, you will need to verify your status as a professional investor by uploading relevant supporting documents.

    • Upload and submit all the required documentation stated on the verification page.

    • Only .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif, .pdf formats are allowed, and the file size must be less than 50 MB.

    • The verification is estimated to be completed in 24 hours.


    Note: A professional investor is an individual with a portfolio of deposits and securities worth at least HK$8 million as of the current date, considering one (1) or more of the following:

    1. A portfolio in the individual’s personal account;

    2. A portfolio in a joint account with the individual’s associate;

    3. The individual’s share in a portfolio held in a joint account with one (1) or more persons who are not the individual's associates;

    4. A corporation whose primary business is investment holding and is wholly owned by the individual.


    (G) Client Agreement

    Once all the verification above is completed, review and accept the Terms & Conditions.




    Congratulations! Your Identity Verification has been completed. You are now eligible to access the supported products and services!


    To review the information you submitted during the Identity Verification process, click on the “eye” icon. Please be aware that you will need to enter your Google Authenticator code to access this information.






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