How to Get Started With Spot Trading
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    How to Trade on Spot


    Select Trading Pairs


    Step 1: Tap on Trade at the bottom of your Bybit App and select Spot. Then, tap on the drop-down icon next to the trading pair on the page to view all supported Spot trading pairs, along with the Last Traded Price and the 24-hour change percentage of the corresponding trading pair.



    To quickly find the trading pair you desire, please use the search box to directly enter the trading pair you want to view. If you see a 10x label beside a certain trading pair, it indicates that the trading pair is supported in Spot Margin Trading. To learn more about the difference between Spot and Spot Margin, please visit here

    Place Your Order


    Bybit Spot Trading provides you with various order types. To learn more about the differences between each order type, please refer to the Types of Orders Available on Bybit.


    Using Market Order as an illustration, create a Spot Order with the following steps.


    Step 1: To perform Spot Trading, please ensure you are currently in the Spot tab. Then, choose to Buy or Sell an asset.




    Step 2: Enter your order value or quantity. If you place your order through other order types, such as Limit Order and Conditional Order, you will need to enter your order price or trigger price.


    For market buy and sell orders, the default is to place an order by value (market buy) and by quantity (market sell). You can tap on Order by Value or Order by Qty to switch your order placement preferences. 



    Note: When you select 100% of your available balance to place a market buy or market sell order, there may be a slight difference between the maximum amount or quantity displayed and the value or quantity calculated by our system. This difference acts as a buffer against potential market price changes, ensuring that your order will be placed smoothly even if the price fluctuates slightly.

    Step 3: A confirmation window will pop up. Ensure your order details are correct then tap on Buy or Sell.



    Congratulations! Your order has been successfully placed.

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    View Your Order


    Current Orders

    You can view your current unfilled or untriggered orders on the Orders tab.  To show all current orders across all trading pairs, you can tap on the Show All box. 




    Tap on Modify under your order parameters to edit details such as your order price, trigger price, or order quantity. 




    Order History or Trade History

    Tap on All Orders on your Spot Trading page to view your order history and trade history. For Unified Trading Account users, you can tap on Account Pre-Upgrade Order History to view your trading history for your Spot orders.



    Cancel Your Order


    To cancel Spot orders, navigate to the Orders tab and tap on Cancel. Alternatively, you can choose to Cancel All orders from the upper right corner. It's important to note that if you have selected the Show All option, tapping on Cancel All will cancel orders from all trading pairs.



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