NFT Marketplace: Fees Explained
    bybit2022-01-20 03:36:44

    The Bybit NFT Marketplace does not require trading fees from NFT buyers, and charges a 1% trading fee to NFT sellers.


    Here is a detailed list showing the fees that will be incurred:


    Fees Paid

    Fees Received


    NFT Minting Fee*

    Receive royalty fee for each secondary sale  


    - Royalty fee to creator**

    - Pay 1% of trading fee




    * Please note that self minting of NFTs on the Bybit NFT Marketplace is not supported. Please email us at if you're interested in offering your NFTs on Bybit.
    ** The royalty fee is not fixed and varies according to the project. A percentage of the sale price is charged.



    Fee Paid = NFT traded price × 1% trading fee + NFT traded price ×  royalty fee 



    Seller A has sold an NFT at a price of 100 BIT. Assuming the royalty fee is 1%. 

    The fee that Seller A needs to pay is 2 BIT, according to the following calculation:

    Fee Paid = 100 BIT × 1% + 100 BIT × 1% 


    Therefore, Seller A receives 98 BIT from the sale of the NFT.


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