How to Get Started With Copy Trading (Followers)
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    Copy a Master Trader

    Step 1: Go to Copy Trading on the app’s home page.


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    Step 2: Browse through top Master Traders on different leaderboards, pick the ones you’d like to follow, and tap Copy. You may follow up to 10 Master Traders at the same time. 


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    Tip: Tap on the Master Trader’s card to access comprehensive performance metrics to make more informed decisions. 


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    Step 3: Place your copy trades by setting the Investment amount and Select Items to Copy.


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    Investment: The minimum investment amount is 50 USDT. Please note that Master Traders may establish a higher minimum requirement for copying, which will be indicated in the Master Trader’s profile on top.  


    Select Items to Copy: Choose either USDT Perpetual Trades or Trading Bots. For USDT Perpetual Trades, you will copy the Perpetual contract trades initiated by the Master Trader. For Trading Bots, you will adopt the parameters of the Master Trader’s trading bots to achieve similar results. 

    Step 4: Expand More Settings to configure additional parameters for your copy trades. 


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    USDT Perpetual Trades 

    Trading Bots

    • Select your copy mode and set up trading parameters (if applicable)

    • Once selected, the copy mode cannot be changed. To switch modes, cancel the current copy trade and initiate a new one. 

    • All settings configured under USDT Perpetual Trades apply only to USDT Perpetual Contract trading.

    • You can only copy trades placed by the Master Trader from the time you start copying.

    • Parameter customization under More Settings will be unavailable if the Master Trader enables Forced Sync under SyncMaster. Instead, a “SyncMaster is now enabled” status will be displayed.


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    • Currently, only Futures Grid Bot is supported.

    • Trading Bot copy employs Smart Copy only. The copy mode you selected for USDT Perpetual Trades does not apply to Trading Bots. 

    • Investment amount for copy trades executed by Trading Bots is automatically calculated: 

    max (fixed ratio based on Master Trader's order cost and available balance, minimum investment required to create the bot)

    • You can choose to copy the Master Trader’s existing bots to achieve similar results. However, bots created under different market conditions may not be optimal for the current market condition and therefore are excluded from copy options.

    For a more detailed explanation on copy modes and parameter settings, please refer to this article

    Step 5: Once the settings are confirmed, check the Agreement Acknowledgement box and tap Copy Now.


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    On the same page, you can also see the Master Trader’s performance metrics and profit sharing ratio. The profit sharing ratio varies according to the Master Trader’s level. If the profit sharing ratio is 10%, the Followers will have to share 10% of their profit earned from copying this Master Trader, with the Master Trader.


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    View Your Positions and Bots 

    Step 1: Tap My Trades in the top right corner of the Copy Trading page.


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    Step 2: Go to Trades or Bots to view your current copied trades for USDT Perpetual Contract and Trading Bots. 


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    • USDT Perpetual Trades

    Tap on Details to see each copied order based on the position of each trading pair.

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    • Trading Bots

    You will only see copied trading bots. Head to the Trading Bots page to create your own trading bots.

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    Master Traders’ trading bots may be deemed unsuitable due to significant market shifts after their creation. These bots won't be available for copy trading. Find reasons for bot termination on the Terminated Bots page.


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    Reason for Termination


    Master Trader

    Terminated by Master Trader

    Insufficient Balance

    You have insufficient investment funds to copy the bot

    Failed to Copy Bot Parameters

    Unfavorable Entry Price: To ensure optimal outcomes, the system will stop bot copying trading if the resulting entry price is unfavorable (significantly deviates from the Master Trader's). 

    Price Range Exceeded: If the current Last Traded Price for the trading pair exceeds the bot’s specified price range, the system will also refrain from copying the bot.

    Edit Your Copy Trade Settings 

    You can modify the parameters of your copy trades by following the steps below.

    Step 1: Go to My Trades → User Center (Follower).


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    Step 2: Tap Details of the Master Trader you are following. 


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    Step 3: Go to More Settings to modify parameters for USDT Perpetual Trades and Trading Bots. Tap on Configure Settings at the bottom of the page once you are ready to reset your copy settings. Please note that if the Master Trader has enabled Forced Sync under SyncMaster, you will not be able to customize the parameters under More Settings.


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    Note: To reset the parameters of a copied item, tap Start/Stop Copying. If you want to configure the copy settings, go to Configure Settings after you start copying.

    Switch Copy Mode, Margin Mode, and Leverage Settings 

    Copy Mode: Currently, the Copy Mode is not available for copying trading bots. To change the copy mode, you will need to cancel the copy of the Master Trader and proceed to initiate a new copy trade with the desired mode. Please note that following the same Master Trader again may not be possible if all slots are occupied. 

    Margin Mode and Leverage Settings: To change the margin or leverage mode, you can refer to the steps above on how to edit your copy trade settings. Leverage change does not apply to Smart Copy as you will follow the Master Trader’s leverage.


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    Increase or Reduce Investment Amount 

    For Trading Bots, please note that Followers are not able to increase their investment amount or withdraw profits. For USDT Perpetual Trades, you can refer to the steps below. 

    Step 1: Go to User Center (Follower) → Master Traders → Adjust Investment. Choose Increase Investment or Reduce Investment. 


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    — Generally, the minimum investment amount for Copy trading is 50 USDT. However, your Master Trader may set a higher minimum required investment amount. Hence, you will not be able to reduce your investment to lower than 50 USDT or the minimum amount required by your Master Trader. 

    — You will be able to see the Max. Reducible Amount on the Reduce Investment window.


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    Set TP/SL 

    USDT Perpetual Trades

    To set a TP/SL for your USDT Perpetual orders, go to User Center (Follower) → Trades → Current Copy Trades → Details. Click on Set TP/SL and you can enter your desired Take Profit or Stop Loss price. You can also select the reference price to trigger your TP/SL.


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    The percentage bar below the price refers to the ROI to be achieved. For example, Follower A has selected 10% for Stop Loss and chose the Last Traded Price as the reference price. The system has automatically calculated $16,635.5 as the Stop Loss price. This means that when the Last Traded Price reaches $16,635.5, the SL order will be triggered and their ROI will be approximately -10%.

    Trading Bots

    To set TP or SL for your Perpetual orders, go to User Center (Follower) → Bots → Running. Click on the Edit button for TP/SL, where you can enter your desired Take Profit or Stop Loss percentage (%). 


    The TP or SL percentage is based on the ratio between the Total P&L and the Total Investment Amount. For example, if your investment amount for the bot is 1,000 USDT and your TP percentage is set to 8%, the bot will be terminated when your Total P&L reaches 80 USDT (80/1,000).


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    Close Your Positions or Terminate Bots Manually 

    USDT Perpetual Trades

    To close an order manually, go to User Center (Follower) → Trades → Open Position → Details. You will see the order placed for that position and you can click on Close to close the respective order. The order will be exited via a Market Order. 


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    If you want to close the entire position under your Master Trader, please go to User Center (Follower) → Trades → Open Position → and click on Close All to close the entire position at market price.


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    In the Market Close window, you can see the position details before you confirm to close the position. The Est. P&L is calculated by the following formula: 

    Est. P&L = Position Average Entry Price − Current Market Price


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    Trading Bots

    To manually terminate your bot, go to User Center (Follower) → Bots → Running and click on Terminate. When you terminate your Futures Grid Bot, all your pending orders  within the bot will be canceled and your positions will be closed at the current market price.


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    Cancel Copying Your Master Trader 

    To cancel copying your Master Trader, go to User Center (Follower) → Master Trader → Current Copy Trades and click on the Details of the respective Master Trader you want to unfollow. 


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    To cancel all copied items, including USDT Perpetual Trades and Trading Bots, navigate to the Copy Trading Settings page and click on Stop Copying next to the Trader Copy Settings or Bot Copy Settings.


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    Once you cancel copying the Master Trader, you can choose one (1) of the following ways:

    1. Close the remaining positions or terminate all bots at the market price, or 

    2. Continue copying the trader until the positions are closed or the bots are terminated. During this time, only the closing signal from the Master Trader to that position will be copied. Any new orders or changes made to the position by Master Trader will not be copied. 


    Once you have canceled the copy and all the positions or bots are closed, the invested funds will be auto-transferred to your Funding Account regardless of which account you have used to invest. 


    If you want to re-copy certain items, just click on Start Copying from the Copy Trading Settings page.


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