Benefits of Different KYC Levels
    bybit2024-06-11 09:47:33

    Know Your Customer (KYC) is a set of procedures that require financial institutions and crypto exchanges to verify the identity of their customers. Bybit uses KYC to identify customers and analyze their risk profiles. This verification helps prevent money laundering and financing of illicit activities. 


    After completing KYC verification, you can enjoy our Buy Crypto services and Earn products, as well as gain exclusive access to promotions and events such as Launchpad. KYC verification is also necessary to attain higher BTC withdrawal thresholds.


    The table below states the services that can be used under different KYC levels. 


    Non KYC 

    Individual KYC Lv. 1 

    Individual KYC Lv. 2Business KYC
    DepositCrypto Deposit
    Fiat Deposit

    WithdrawalCrypto Withdrawal

    Daily Limit

    ≤20K USDT

    Monthly Limit

    ≤100K USDT

    (Withdrawal is not affected for Non-KYC users.)

    Daily Limit

    ≤1M USDT

    No Monthly Limit

    Daily Limit

    ≤2M USDT

    No Monthly Limit

    Daily Limit

    ≤ 4M USDT

    No Monthly Limit

    Fiat Withdrawal 
    Buy CryptoCredit Card Payment
    Third-Party Payment Channel
    P2P Trading
    TradeSpot Trading 
    Margin Trading
    Leveraged Tokens
    Trading Bot
    ByVotes (Spot)
    DerivativesPerpetual Contracts
    Futures Contract
    ByVotes (Derivatives)
    Copy Trading Derivatives
    FinanceCrypto Loan 
    Crypto Lending
    Bybit Card
    Earn ProductsBybit Savings
    Liquidity Mining
    Discount Buy
    Dual Asset 
    ETH 2.0 Staking
    Wealth Management
    Rewards HubClaim Rewards



    — Users can withdraw up to 20K equivalent USDT daily, and up to 100K equivalent USDT per month while Identity verified and VIP users will be entitled to a higher withdrawal limit. For more information, please refer to FAQ — Individual KYC.

    — For withdrawals made via internal transfer, the transfer will be restricted if your recipient has not completed KYC verification.

    — For all Buy Crypto transactions exceeding a certain limit, individual KYC Lv. 2 may be required.

    — Users can only complete Individual or Business KYC verification on their account. If you would like to transfer your KYC verification to another account, please visit here for more information. 


    To learn more on how to complete your KYC verification, please refer to the following articles:

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