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    Points to Note:

    • Please refrain from using an email address from a provider that you may not be able to use in the future due to changes in services or other reasons. We recommend three email service providers: Gmail, iCloud, and ProtonMail.
    • To make a withdrawal, Email and Google Authentication are compulsory while SMS Authentication is not. Registration using an email address is recommended. 
    • Each email address and mobile number can only link to one account.
    • Enter your mobile number after specifying the country code, and omit the leading zero. (For example, if your mobile number is 090-1234-5678, enter 9012345678.)
    • Enter the information in single-byte alphanumeric characters. Do not use double-byte characters.
    • Bybit does not offer services or products to users in a few excluded jurisdictions. For more information, please refer to Service Restricted Countries.
    • Any account registered via Hong Kong IP will be required to complete both identity verification Level 1 and Level 2 to use Bybit products and services. Bybit does not service residents of Hong Kong.





    Download the official Bybit APP from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.



    Step 1: Launch the Bybit APP. At the bottom right corner, select 'Assets'


    Step 2: Select the 'Sign Up' button from the upper right corner.




    Step 3: Similarly, you can register using your (a) email address or (b) mobile number

    a) For registration using email address, key in your email address, password and referral code (optional and can be left blank) and select 'Continue'

    b) For registration using mobile number, select 'Mobile registration'. Next, select your country code, key in your mobile number, password and referral code (optional and can be left blank) and select 'Continue'.



    — Clicking on the Sign Up with Google will use the email address linked to your Google account for your Bybit account creation.

    — Clicking on the Sign Up with Apple will use your email address linked to your Apple ID for your Bybit account creation (Share My Email). If you have selected Hide My Email for the registration, Apple will create a unique, random email address with domain for registration. 

    Register 02.png


    To check your email address, go to the Apple Settings → iCloud → Apps Using icloud → Hide My Email.

    Register 03.png

    Step 4:  If you are not from the restricted countries or region mentioned, select “No” to continue with the registration.




    Step 5: Complete the recaptcha verification and key in the email/SMS verification code sent to your email address or mobile number respectively.

    image.png       image.png

    You have successfully registered an account on Bybit ! 

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