How to Recover a Missing Deposit via Self-Service
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    Bybit now provides self-service appeal support for users who have made a deposit but haven't received it due to a missing tag or memo. In this article, we will show a step-by-step guide on how to submit a self-appeal for your deposit with a missing tag or memo. Once your assets are successfully retrieved, the funds will be returned to the source address. 


    A tag and memo are unique identifiers used in cryptocurrency transactions, such as XRP, EOS, and others, to help route funds to the correct destination. On Bybit, users are required to input the accurate deposit tag or memo to ensure successful asset crediting. Failing to include a correct tag or memo when it is required during deposit can lead to non-receipt of deposits or deposits to a wrong account.



    If you encounter the error message “The abnormal deposit-related issue has been resolved. For further assistance, reach out to Customer Support.”, please refer to this guide to submit a request via this form to our Customer Support immediately. 

    — To cover the additional resources associated with asset retrieval, a handling fee equalling to five times the standard withdrawal fee for this coin, will be deducted from the refund amount. To view the withdrawal fee for each coin, please visit here

    — If your Estimated Refund Amount is lower than the Minimum Withdrawal Limit, the request will not be processed. 

    — Any transactions older than 90 days will not be processed.

    — For more information, please refer to FAQ — Crypto Deposit.

    How to Submit an Appeal for missing tag/memo deposit

    Step 1: Hover to the upper left corner to look for Help Center → Select Crypto Deposit not credited, and you will be redirected to the deposit appeal page.


    Appeal External 01.png



    If you are using the Bybit App, please tap on More on the homepage and tap on the Help Center.


    Appeal External 02.png

    Step 2: Select the reason why your deposit has not arrived: Missing memo/tag


    Recover Deposit 03.png

    Step 3: Fill in the details of the deposit

    1. Coin: Name of the coin you deposited
    2. Chain Type: Blockchain network of the coin you deposited
    3. TxID/TxHash: A unique identifier or hash value assigned to each transaction that occurs on the blockchain (Note: Please input without URL)


    Recover Deposit 04.png



    — For HBAR deposit, the correct format of TXID is as follows: 0.0.1262739-1667285282-335664908

    • If the TXID format obtained from the exchange is 0.0.1262739@1667285282-335664908, kindly replace the FIRST “@” to “-” as mentioned above.
    • If the TXID format obtained is 16fb2111fdca8d28b7daa9b99957258b7a61e73e4077b0489a16c9e6a9f8ade09b52016e59f64c572a5cd6052bbf0356, traders may paste and search the TXID here and copy the correct format as per the screenshot below.




    For TON token deposit, the correct format of TXID (Hex) is: 90a34dcb5db1b85a12db9357d7ac52365657f209d0ids9c59cc4f6612e48b2be. Please copy the TXID obtained from the exchange and search it in the TON Explorer.

    • If the TXID format obtained from the exchange has only one (1) input Message(s), copy the Hex as per the screenshot below



    • If the TXID format obtained from the exchange messages has one(1) input and one (1) output Messages, copy the Hash from the Out Message and paste it into the search bar in TON Explorer. You will be able to get the correct format of Hex (TXID) to submit your TON missing tag deposit recovery.



    For a detailed guide on how to get the Transaction Hash for TON deposits, please refer to the video below. 







    Step 4: Click on Submit and you will be directed to the confirmation window. 


    Recover Deposit 05.png



    Once you have clicked on Confirm, the relevant department will review your appeal. You will receive an automated email within 1-3 working days if your appeal has completed the review and the deposit will be returned to your source account. 


    You may also check on your appeal status on the Past Appeals page. The returned TxID will be indicated in the details section.


    Recover Deposit 06.png



    If you have not received the result after 3 working days, please submit a request here and our dedicated Customer Support will get back to you shortly.

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