Bonus Terms and Conditions

    bybit2023-02-28 06:28:32

    By participating in Bybit's Promotion, you hereby agree to comply and adhere to the following Bonus Terms and Conditions:  

    1. The Bonus is intended to help users discover the platform's features and functionalities. New users will be entitled to receive the Bonus once the task requirement has been fulfilled at the Rewards Hub or respective campaigns. 

    Traders need to claim their Bonus under Rewards Hub. Once claimed, the Bonus will be credited into the user’s accounts. Users can check the available Bonus at the Derivatives Account Page. Bonus cannot be transferred to other accounts. 

    3. Bonuses can be used as trading margin, trading/funding fee, and to cover potential losses incurred by trading on the platform. During the deduction of fees, Bonuses will be deducted before utilizing the user’s deposit. Bonuses will not be able to pay for withdrawal fees. Trading Bonuses cannot be used to cover fees in copy trading and grid bot. 

    4. If users receive both bonus and coupons at the same time, the coupon will be used prior to the bonus. However, for users who have upgraded their account to a Unified Trading Account, the bonus will be utilized prior to the coupon.

    Bonus is not allowed to be withdrawn under any circumstances.

    6. The profit gained from trading using the Bonus is allowed to be withdrawn as long as it meets the minimum withdrawal amount and is subject to terms and conditions.

    7. The Bonus cannot be used for asset exchange, Trading Bots, and Copy Trading.

    All Bonuses and Coupons have an expiration date. Any unused Bonus or Coupon will be forfeited at the expiry date. Bonuses and Coupons that have expired will not be reimbursed.

    9. Involvement in any dishonest behaviors or activities, such as multi-account registrations to churn Bonuses, etc. will result in immediate termination and forfeiture of all Bonuses & profits earned from all associated accounts.

    10. Bybit reserves the final rights to amend the Bonus Terms and Conditions and regulations of the campaign without prior notice and traders are advised to always refer to the campaign's Terms and Conditions.
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