Unsupported Deposit Recovery Procedure Rules
    bybit2024-04-21 07:13:14

    At Bybit, we prioritize providing a secure trading environment for our users. It's crucial for traders to verify the supported coins and blockchains on our platform before initiating any deposits. This proactive step ensures a smooth trading experience and helps prevent asset loss incidents due to unsupported deposits.


    However, if unsupported coins are mistakenly deposited into a Bybit wallet address, our team may initiate an asset recovery procedure, with a handling fee of 200 USD. 


    Terms and Conditions:

    1. Asset recovery procedures are conducted on a best-effort basis, and 100% recovery cannot be guaranteed.


    1. Any erroneous coin deposit using the following blockchains will not be eligible for an asset recovery attempt: 

      1. KCC (

      2. OEC (

      3. Ronin (

      4. Cronos (


    1. Deposits made via unsupported methods are eligible for refund only if the value of the coin being refunded exceeds $500 per transaction. Transactions valued below $500 are not eligible for refunding attempts.


    1. In the event that Bybit does not manage to perform an asset recovery, your unsupported coin deposits will result in a permanent loss.


    1. Bybit will refer to Coin Market Cap's Cryptocurrency Converter Calculator to determine the value of the unsupported coin deposits in USD value.


    1. Traders must provide an external wallet address of the same blockchain type for the refund process when submitting the recovery request.


    1. Acceptance of recovery terms implies acknowledgment of a potential 7-14 business day timeframe to process the refunds.


    To proceed with the recovery procedure, please fill up the Asset Recovery form and our Customer Support will contact you within 3 to 5 working days.

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