How to Post a Trade Ad on P2P
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    Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how you — as an advertiser — can post your first P2P advertisement on Bybit.




    Step 1: Please tap on MoreP2P Trading on the home page to enter the P2P page.


    Post Ad P2P 01.png

    Step 2: Tap on the three dots icon in the upper right corner and go to My Ads.


    Post Ad P2P 02.png

    Step 3: Tap on Post Now in the center of your screen to create your first advertisement or tap on the three dots icon and then on Post Now in the upper right corner.


    Post Ad P2P 03.png

    Step 4: You can create your ideal advertisement by configuring the following settings: 


    A. Type

    1. Select advertisement type: Buy or Sell 
    2. Select your preferred coin and fiat currency


    Note: Find the supported coin and fiat by expanding the dropdown list.


    Post Ad P2P 04.png

    B. Price Settings

    1. Select either Fixed Price or Floating Price

    Note: A fixed offer price will not fluctuate based on market movements, whereas a floating offer price is calculated by multiplying the premium and the reference price. 

    1. Enter the price (per USDT) or premium that you want to offer


    Post Ad P2P 05.png

    C. Transaction Settings

    1. Choose the payment timeframe within which you would like the counterparty to make their deposit: 15 or 30 minutes
    2. Enter the total quantity you want to trade


    Note: To sell your coins, please make sure to transfer your coins to your Funding Account.


    Post Ad P2P 06.png

    D. Single Transaction Limit

    1. Enter the minimum transaction amount per order
    2. Enter the maximum transaction amount per order


    Post Ad P2P 07.png


    To learn more about the minimum and maximum amounts of USDT that can be traded per ad, please refer to P2P Order Limits.

    E. Requirements for the Counterparty

    This setting will allow you to filter through the more credible counterparties, but it may also reduce the level of exposure that your advertisements will get.


    If you would like to set up requirements for your ad’s counterparty, click on Add Now and you will be prompted to select your preferred requirements. 


    Post Ad P2P 08.png

    F. Payment Methods

    Click on Manage Payment Method and you will be directed to the P2P User Center to add your payment method.


    Post Ad P2P 09.png

    For more information on adding payment methods, please refer to How to Add a Payment Method for P2P Trading.

    G. Remarks

    You can leave your remarks for your potential buyers or sellers.


    Post Ad P2P 10.png

    H. Contact Info 

    Click on Manage Contact Info and you will be directed to the P2P User Center to add your contact information.


    Post Ad P2P 11.png

    Note: Contact Info is only applicable to Sell Advertisements. 

    Step 5: Click on Confirm and make sure to verify all the information you entered in the confirmation window. If everything is correct, proceed to accept the terms and conditions and click on the Post Now button.


    Post Ad P2P 12.png

    Step 6: Complete the Security Verification step by entering the six (6)-digit Google Authenticator 2FA code in your Google Authenticator App or your Fund Password which can be set up in your Account & Security page.

    Step 7: Click on Confirm to be redirected to the My Ads page where you can view the details of your advertisement. Turn on the Active Mode Switch for your ad to be visible to other traders.


    Post Ad P2P 13.png

    Congratulations! Your ad is now successfully listed. Please remember that advertisers are expected to be online and available to respond promptly to counterparties and engage in negotiations in a timely manner when the advertisement is in active mode. To learn more about managing the visibility of your advertising, please refer to this article.

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