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What is Aurora AI?
Harnessing the power of AI, Aurora AI generates and recommends 18 sets of trading bot strategies.
These AI-generated intelligent parameter strategies enable users to participate in complex bot trading by simply inputting their investment amount, thereby lowering the barriers to entry for bot trading.
Aurora AI
Backtest Recommendations
High Frequency
Futures Grid | Short 15x
14D PnL
Spot Grid
14D PnL
High Yield
Futures Martingale | Short 10x
14D PnL
How Does Aurora AI Work?
The fundamental logic behind Aurora AI involves backtesting 7 days of historical market data to identify optimal strategy parameters, focusing on yield, arbitrage frequency, and other factors. These parameters are used to generate intelligent parameter strategies, including Futures Grid Bot, Futures Martingale, and Spot Grid.
Using backtesting data, the top-performing strategies are categorized as High Yield, those with the lowest drawdown are labeled as Stable, and those with the highest trading frequency are labeled as High Frequency.
Futures Grid Bot
Multiply your earnings by 100x | Ideal for any market conditions.
Create Bot
Create Bot
Futures Martingale
Double down to offset losses | Ideal for short-term, volatile markets.
Create Bot
Create Bot
Spot Grid
Automatically buy low & sell high | Ideal for sideways markets.
Create Bot
Create Bot
How to Use Aurora AI
Create your AI+ Bot in 3 simple steps.


Head to the Aurora AI Zone
Locate it above the leaderboards on the Trading Bot homepage.


Pick Your Preferred Parameters
Locate it above the leaderboards on the Trading Bot homepage.


Enter Your Investment Amount
Locate it above the leaderboards on the Trading Bot homepage.
Get Started
Get Started
Why Use Aurora AI?
It represents the next generation of trading, made easy.
Simplified Trading Experience
Perfect for novice and casual traders, our bots lower entry barriers, making complex trading strategies more accessible. Engage in strategy trading by simply entering your investment amount.
Diverse Strategy Options
Choose from a variety of strategy types including high-yield, stable, and high-frequency arbitrage strategies, tailored to individual investor needs.
Over 70% Win Rate
Trust in a proven track record with over 70% win rate using the Futures Grid Bot's AI strategy.
Try Aurora AI
Try Aurora AI