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What is
ApeX Pro?
ApeX Protocol is a multichain decentralized derivatives protocol, designed to address deficiencies in existing decentralized exchanges (DEXs), such as high gas fees and poor order execution.

ApeX Pro, the key product of Apex Protocol, is a permissionless and noncustodial DEX, powered by StarkWare's Layer 2 scalability engine, StarkEx. It operates on an order book model and delivers limitless access to the perpetual swaps market.
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Why use ApeX Pro?
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Self-Custody of Assets
Safeguard your private keys and maintain full control over your assets on the platform.
Security & Privacy
On-chain data availability and integrity can be ensured with StarkWare's Layer 2 scalability engine and Validium. ZK proofs ensure only balance charges are made visible on Ethereum.
High Performance, Low Fees
Experience lightning-quick trading with an average processing speed of 10 trades per second and 1,000 order placements and cancellations per second. Incur fees only when you deposit and withdraw assets.
Year-Long T2E
Trade on ApeX Pro and share up to $190,000 in $BANA rewards each week.
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How to Get Started
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Add your email address if you'd like to receive important market, trading and account notifications.
Connect to ApeX Pro with the Bybit Web3 Wallet or other compatible wallets.
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Experience Non-Custodial, Decentralized Perp Trading on ApeX Pro
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52 Weeks, 52 Epochs to Reap Rewards
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ApeX Tokenomics: $APEX x $BANA
ApeX Protocol’s native token, $APEX, can be used for community involvement with governance and protocol parameters, as well as revenue sharing with the upcoming staking program. $BANA is ApeX Pro’s reward token, distributed via weekly Trade-to-Earn events.
The total supply of 1,000,000,000 $APEX tokens is allocated as follows:
1. 23% to the core team and early investors, with a 12-month cliff and a vesting period of 24 months
2. 77% for participation rewards, ecosystem building and liquidity bootstrapping
Minted with a total of 25,000,000 $APEX that are locked over a minimum period of 12 months
1. Only available on ApeX Pro via participation in Trade-to-Earn
2. Distributed to participants based on a combination of fees, open interest and the $BANA-USDC LP Token balance during a single epoch
How to Earn $BANA
Simply trade on ApeX Pro to earn $BANA tokens on a weekly basis. The more you trade, the greater your rewards!
Note: The amount of $BANA rewards earned within a single epoch is determined by several factors, including a combination of fees, open interest and the $BANA-USDC LP Token balance during a single period, calculated using the Cobb-Douglas function.
How to Use $BANA
$BANA can be swapped for USDC via the $BANA-USDC pool at any time during these 52 weeks.
Add your $BANA and USDC to the $BANA-USDC Pool to receive LP Tokens. LP Tokens held during an epoch will contribute to a trader's Average LP Token Holdings, one of the factors that will eventually decide the total amount of $BANA distributed at the end of each epoch. The more LP tokens held, the more traders can receive stacked total rewards in $BANA.
Traders who hold onto their $BANA can use them to redeem $APEX governance tokens pro-rata after the Trade-to-Earn event period fully ends at the end of the set 52 weeks. The more $BANA are burned, the higher the redemption rate.
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