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TradeGPT Master Trader Launch
Follow an AI-Powered Master Trader and Keep All Your Profits
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This product is a public beta test of the integration of TradeGPT with Copy Trading. Please be aware of the risks and invest with caution.
What is TradeGPT Master Trader?
Access AI-driven trading strategies. No coding is required.
Benefit from a proven record of steady returns backed by statistical analyses.
Adopt a data-centric approach to investment with AI-powered market analyses.
Your 1st Copy Trade is Safe With Us
Protect Your Trade With 100 USDT Loss Coverage
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Why follow TradeGPT on Copy Trading?
Leverage Bybit TradeGPT's understanding of technical indicators, sentiment analysis, and quantitative strategies, to capture good trading opportunities and boost your win rate.
24/7 Trading
Don't worry about missing a trading signal. Take advantage of around-the-clock trading without constantly watching the market.
Keep All Your Earnings
Early followers of TradeGPT on Copy Trading will not have to share their profits.
How Does It Work?
Copy Trading with TradeGPT in Three (3) Simple Steps
Enter the amount you want to trade based on the market signals provided by TradeGPT.
Select an entry point for your trade based on the technical indicators and capital analyses provided by TradeGPT.
Set Take-Profit and Stop-Loss based on TradeGPT's analytical model that uses historical data to predict market trends.
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