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Apr 1, 2024, 10AM UTC – Jun 30, 2024, 11:59PM UTC
Your 1st Copy Trade is Safe With Us
Protect Your Trade With
100 USDT Loss Coverage
How to Start
Claim your voucher (for eligible users only)
Eligible users must click Claim on the Copy Trading page (App or Web) to be eligible for their Copy Trading Loss Voucher.

Open to first-time Followers only.
Vouchers are limited, so grab yours as soon as possible!
Follow your first Master Trader
Invest a minimum of 100 USDT
- Copy trade for the first time using either Smart Copy Mode or Advanced Copy Mode
- If you experience a loss on your first order, you'll receive a Copy Trading voucher that compensates your first order loss, up to a maximum of 100 USDT
What is a Copy Trading Voucher?
Copy Trading Vouchers can be used as margin for Copy Trades, but are not withdrawable. Profits from these vouchers are withdrawable. Vouchers are void if users unfollow their Master Trader after using the vouchers.
Copy Trades made


Average win-rate
Getting Started as a Follower
How to Choose a Master Trader to Copy
High Risk, High Reward in the Short Term
Category to choose: Top Traders by ROI
Long-Term Consistent Profitability
Category to choose: Traders With the Highest Profit for Followers
Enhanced Risk and Capital Management
Category to choose: Lowest Drawdown
Day Trading
Category to choose: Top Intraday Traders