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/// by Erick Calderon
/// by Snowfro is a tribute to the essence of motion and racing, distilled to its purest form.
It embodies an innate drive to perpetually venture into the unknown, embrace risks, and strive towards the pinnacle of racing. Through this series, Snowfro accentuates life's inexorable forward momentum—be it maneuvering through life's complex twists or riding the relentless currents of time, the emphasis is on ceaseless advancement.

Each unique output of /// is segmented into various motifs, each depicting different stages of a race from the anticipatory tension before the red lights go out to the exhilarating rush of the fastest moments in the race. Snowfro seeks to encapsulate the quintessence of motion in the most minimal form, while also unfolding a chromatic narrative through two distinctive color traits—the inner color style and the border color style.

Each NFT comes with a complimentary embroidered cap, with shipping costs paid for by the users.
Additional details regarding fulfillment will be shared shortly.
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Phase 1: Free Mint
During the first phase, holders of the Velocity Pass NFT can free mint one /// output (for each Velocity Pass NFT owned) within a one-hour window. A maximum of 1000 NFTs can be minted in phase 1, after which all unminted NFTs from the collection will be made available in the subsequent phase of rebate Dutch auction.
A snapshot will be taken at 1:30 PM, just before the start of the Phase 1 mint, to determine eligibility for the free mint.
2PM - 3PM UTC, October 25th




Phase 2: Rebate Dutch Auction
Phase 2 features a unique rebate Dutch auction, making available a total of 700 '///' NFTs, including any NFTs left from Phase 1. In this distinctive auction format, all participants will pay the price of the last '///' NFT sold. Those who paid more than the final price will receive a rebate. Importantly, this auction is open to the public and doesn't necessitate owning a Velocity Pass NFT.

The auction will commence at a starting price of 3 ETH and will conclude with a floor price of 0.12 ETH.
3PM - 4PM UTC, October 25th
New Users Raffle
Win Free Velocity Pass NFT and Up to 1 ETH in Rewards!
Calling all new users - simply sign up on Bybit to win outstanding prizes, including complimentary Velocity Pass NFT, as well as bonuses and coupons in ETH and USDT!
Event Period: October 19th, 2023, 2PM UTC - October 26th, 2023, 10 AM UTC
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Erick Calderon
Erick Calderon, in art Snowfro, is a generative artist and entrepreneur based in Houston, Texas.
In his work, he’s explored the functional uses of NFT technology in the art sector, and this innovative approach to digital art has led to the creation of Art Blocks, a pioneering platform in the realm of generative art. Today, Erick Calderon's work continues to challenge the boundaries of art and technology, inspiring a new generation of artists and collectors to reimagine what is possible in the digital age.
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