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Per Kristian
Experience captivating generative artwork by Per Kristian Stoveland through the Velocity Series, an unprecedented web3 collaboration between Bybit, Oracle Red Bull Racing and top digital artists.

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Available exclusively to holders of the Velocity Pass NFT via a Dutch Auction, Pursuit is a NFT collection that captures the raw energy of velocity in 200 unique generative outputs live generated at mint.

In this Dutch Auction format, the price will start at 9 ETH and decrease exponentially within a one-hour timeframe. Should the price hit 0.31 ETH, it will remain fixed until the entire collection is sold out.

Top 5 bidders will each receive a complimentary signed print from the artist.

Launch Time: Sep 20, 2023, 2PM UTC
Dutch Auction
9 – 0.31 ETH

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Echo of Intensity
Delving into the aftermath of power and kinetic energy, Echo of Intensity is a generative open edition with each output possesses individual uniqueness.

At the conclusion of the sale, wallet possessing the highest quantity of "Echo of Intensity" NFTs will receive a complimentary Velocity Pass NFT as reward.

Holders of the Velocity Pass will each receive one NFT from this collection via an airdrop.

A snapshot will be taken on Sep 23, 2023, 2pm UTC to determine airdrop eligibility.

Launch Time: Sep 20, 2023, 2PM UTC - Sep 23, 2023, 2PM UTC
0.069 ETH

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About The Artist
Per Kristian Stoveland
Per Kristian Stoveland, a Norwegian generative artist, programmer, and co-founder of Void Studio, has made a name for himself in the world of digital art and design. After graduating from the Oslo School of Graphic Design in 2003, his skills served as his entry point into the advertising industry as a creative coder and developer.

In 2015, he co-founded Void Studio alongside three collaborators, establishing an alternative design studio that operates at the intersection of art, architecture, technology, and design. Void Studio focuses on crafting unique experiences by designing, manufacturing, and executing custom temporary and permanent installations. These installations artfully merge digital elements with physical spaces, utilizing architecture, sculpture, kinetics, audio, lights, and sensors to create immersive experiences for audiences.
Velocity Pass Power Plays
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The top 5 bidders in this Dutch auction will receive prints of their respective NFTs, which will be autographed by Per.
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Join us and explore how Per Kristian Stoveland's visionary NFTs redefine the fusion of art, design, and technology. Embrace the speed and creativity of the Velocity Series.

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- Follow the instructions and complete the quests

Once completed, you'll have a chance to win a "ticket" that allows you to participate in the raffle for a free Velocity Pass!
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A race within a race!
The user who mints the most NFTs from the open edition collection named Echo of Intensity in their wallet before the snapshot on the 23rd of September at 2PM UTC will earn themselves a coveted Velocity Pass.
Will you be the one to seize this opportunity?
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Share your unique insights about Per's Velocity Series artwork on social media, and you will get a chance to participate in the gleam campaign and win a free Velocity Pass!
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