Failure to deliver 0 in full and on time will result in the loss of your collateral of 0 . Note: Delivery cannot be made with purchased from another pre-market transaction.
    You can obtain tokens for pre-market sales by making on-chain deposits or by trading on the Bybit Spot Market. Tokens purchased through pre-market trading will not be available for user delivery.
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    Guide to Pre-Market Trading
    First, click on [Create Order] and select the [Buy] tab. Next, enter the quantity and price to place a buy order. Lastly, confirm your order and provide the payment amount.
    Wait for a seller to be matched with your order. Once a seller has accepted your order, simply wait for the delivery phase to receive your tokens.
    You will receive the tokens from the seller during the delivery phase. Otherwise, you will be compensated on top of recovering your payment amount.