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There are currently no redeemable LP Tokens


For detailed information regarding the Smart Liquidity Pool, kindly refer directly to the ApeX Pro platform. Visit Now

Staking Process

Prepare Funds
Convert assets required for staking
Stake Assets
Invest assets into staking pools
Earn Yield
Earn returns from increased value of LP tokens.
Collect Proceeds
Withdraw accumulated yield and your principal

Important Points About Staking Pools

  • Identity Verification is not required to deposit funds into Staking Pools.
  • Yield calculation will be carried out based on pool's smart contract.
  • Redemption of funds can be performed from the Staking Pools’ “Home” page.
  • Bybit App users need to update to version 4.9.0 or above to access Staking Pools.


What are Staking Pools?
Bybit Web3 Staking is our new DeFi asset aggregation and investment tool. Its aim is straightforward: offer a user-friendly on-chain asset management platform that connects your funds to on-chain assets.