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Mutual Insurance

Mutual Insurance is a risk management tool that protects traders from unfavorable market fluctuations.

Offset Your Losses

Gain well-rounded protection against shrinking profits and elevated losses

Protect Your Profits

Secure your earnings by locking in profitable positions

Trade with Confidence

Overcome your fear of fluctuations

Why do I need Mutual Insurance?

Limit losses while protecting profits with one powerful tool

Secure profits in an uptrend

Receive compensation in a downtrend

A 's P&L
B 's P&L

Opens a long position

Opens a long position

Closes the position with $1,000 profit

Secures profits with Mutual Insurance

Receives $2,000 as insurance compensation

Exits with a profit of $2,400



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When do I receive Insurance Compensation?


Settlement Upon Expiry

Payoff for losses incurred during the insurance period will be automatically credited to the user upon expiration of the Mutual Insurance.


Manual Settlement

Settlement is permissible any time during the insured period.


Liquidation Settlement

Receive immediate payoff upon liquidation.

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