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Come and Compete against Japanese Traders!

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Competition Information

  • The competition will use a dynamic prize pool. The more participants, the bigger the prize pool will be. The top prize pool is: $500,000.00
  • $20 Competition Bonus will be credited after the 0.1 BTC minimum deposit participation requirement is met.
  • Top 100 traders will be awarded up to $500,000.00 worth of BTC rewards. Prizes will be credited directly into Bybit account and can be withdrawn!

Prize Pool

Number of Participants
Total Prize Pool
Prize(Top 1)
Prize(Top 2)
Prize(Top 3)
Prize(Top 4-10)
Prize(Top 11-100)
200 - 1000
1001 - 3000
3001 - 5000
5001 - 8000

Competition Details

Registration Period

1 May 12:00 pm- 15 May 12:00 pm UTC

Competition Period

15th May 12:00 pm UTC- 15th Jun 12:00 pm UTC

Details and calculation formula for competition result

Bybit will sort the ranking based on the percentage of account equity growth when the competition ends. During the competition period, participants may deposit or withdraw freely, but please take note that that may affect the ranking negatively.
When the registration period has ended and participant does not met the minimum equity of 0.1 BTC, participant will not be ranked in the leaderboard. After deposit during the competition period meeting the mimimum equity required
will qualify participant to be in the leaderboard.

Formula: [Final Equity - (Initial Equity + Deposit)]/(Initial Equity + Deposit)

Initial Equity = Account Equity (including unrealized P&L) at the beginning of the competition
Final Equity = Account Equity (including unrealized P&L) at the end of the competition
Deposit = Accumulated deposit during competition period including: Transfer, obtained bonus, commission withdrawal.

Competition Rules

1. The BTCUSD perpetual contract is the only eligible trading pair for this competition. Returns from other contracts eg: ETH/XRP/EOS will not be considered.

2. The minimum deposit to participate is 0.1 BTC. There is no deposit & withdrawal restriction during the contest period.

3. The $20 Competition Bonus is given exclusively to all qualifying participants in this competition.

4. Prizes for the Top100 traders will be credited to the winners' account within 3 business days after the release of the official results at the end of the competition.

5. Multiple accounts registration from a single trader to participate in this event is strictly disallowed. All relevant accounts might be banned and disqualified from the contest.

6. After the competition has ended, accounts with no trading activity and P&N are 0% but were ranked in the TOP 100 will not be eligible for the reward.

7. Bybit reserves the rights to amend the Terms and Conditions of this campaign without prior notice.


Q: How to I participate in this competition?
A: Please click on 'Register' located on the main webpage

Q:Does a successful registration automatically qualifies me into the competition, thereby obtaining the $20 Competition Bonus?
A: Besides a successful registration, the competition also requires traders to have account equity of >0.1BTC during the competition period to qualify for the competition ranking. Only by doing so will traders obtain the $20 Competition Bonus.

Q: Am I able to register first before deciding whether to make a deposit eventually?
A: Yes, you can. All you have to do is to ensure that you submit a registration and fulfils the 0.1BTC minimum requirements by the end of the registration period to qualify for the trading competition.

Q:Do I automatically qualify for the competition after depositing 0.1BTC into my account?
A: Regardless of the registered account's deposit history, participants must ensure a BTC equity of >0.1 BTC at the starting point of the competition (15 May 2019 1200 UTC). Otherwise, without meeting this requirement, the system will auto prompt a deposit reminder when traders enter the competition webpage. At any time after the start of the competition, as long as there is 0.1 BTC equity in the account, you will enter the competition and the profit and loss will be taken into account for the competition's rankings.

Q. How to claim the Competition Bonus?
The $20 Competition Bonus will be credited to your account before the competition starts (15 May 1200UTC). Please ensure that you have successfully registered and fulfilled the minimum equity requirement of 0.1 BTC by then. If you only have the equity of 0.1BTC thereafter, the bonus will be credited to your account within 1 business day.

Q. Is deposit & withdrawal allowed during the contest?
A. There is no restriction on deposit and withdrawal during the contest period. However, it may affect your ranking in the contest as shown on the formula for ranking. Please take note that any withdrawal will decrease the account equity immediately.