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    $90 User Benefit

    Receive up to $90 in bonus and coupon

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    Never worry about overloads thanks to our 100,000 TPS matching engine

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    Millions of dollars of orders at best buy/sell price,minimum slippage

    USD15-30 slippage

    Safe Funds

    Keep your funds safe with our industry-leading hierarchical cold wallet system

    One-Click Stop-Loss and Take-Profit

    Set Stop-Loss and Take-Profit conditions in one click when placing your order

    Dual pricing machenism

    Mark Price based on live price of 3 most reputable and regulated spot exchanges, preventing traders from falling victim to market manipulations


    100,000 TPS thanks to our state of the art matching engine, with each trade matched in 1 microseconds, and 99.9% system functionality and availability


    With the self-built industry leading hierarchical cold wallet system, all user assigned addresses are cold wallet addresses, and fund collection and withdrawals go through offline authorised signatures


    Bybit guarantees that in the event of system errors affecting trades and user accounts, affected uses will be compensated

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