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    What types of coin deposits are supported on Bybit?

    In addition to the Crypto Deposit/Withdrawal Status information page, you can also find the list of supported coin deposits on your Funding page. Kindly click the Deposit button to see the supported blockchain of each coin deposit and its corresponding required blockchain confirmation for it to be reflected in your account.




    Alternatively, you can also locate the Deposit entrance in the upper right corner of the Bybit page.



    Transaction hash (TXID) must be validated and shown inside the supported chain. Kindly take note of the supported/unsupported transfer method stated in the Remark. For deposits made by unsupported transfer methods, the assets may not be returned or credited.



    — Depositing a coin type and/or via a blockchain not listed above may result in the permanent loss of your coin.

    — You can check the real-time status of all the updated tokens/chains that Bybit supports for deposit and withdrawal here.




    Are there any minimum deposit amounts on Bybit?

    You can find the list of minimum deposit amounts for each coin on the Crypto Deposit/Withdrawal Status page. Kindly click on the dropdown button of the coin you would like to deposit or withdraw to view the deposit status for each supported chain type, as well as the necessary information to perform a successful deposit.





    How can I change my deposit account from the Funding Account to another account such as Spot Account? 

    The default setting is the Funding Account. However, you may change the deposit to destination to another account type on the Deposit page or Settings page. 



    a. Standard Account

    For a Standard Account, you have the option to switch the deposit channel to Spot. Please keep in mind that withdrawals can only be executed from either the Funding Account or the Spot Account.


    b. Unified Trading Account (UTA)

    For UTA, you may change the deposit channel to UTA. Do note that the withdrawal can only be initiated from the Funding Account. 





    Where can I check my Deposit History?

    You can go to your Funding Account and click on History located on the upper right corner for both PC site or App. 




    I received a deposit confirmation email, but why aren't my funds visible in my account?
    Please check your Spot or Unified Trading Account, as your deposit may have been credited to one of these accounts if you modified the settings on the Deposit or Settings page.




    Is it safe to deposit and store my cryptocurrencies with Bybit?

    Yes, it is safe to do so. In order to maintain a high level of asset security, Bybit uses an industry-leading and multi-signature cold wallet to store 100% of our traders' deposited assets. At the individual account level, all withdrawal requests will undergo a stringent procedure that carries out confirmation for withdrawals.


    In addition, 100% of our traders' deposit assets will be segregated from our Bybit's operating budget for increased financial accountability. At Bybit, we prioritize the immediate withdrawal of your funds. Only a small percentage of coins will be held in the hot wallet. 


    To safeguard our users' funds, the majority remains securely stored in the cold wallet. We always prioritize the best interests of our users, with fund safety being our utmost priority. We continuously strive to maintain the highest level of asset security.


    To learn more about enhancing your account security, please click here.




    Why did my deposit not arrive in my Bybit account?
    The reason that you not receiving the deposit in your Bybit account could be due to the reasons below:


    Unconfirmed transaction on blockchain

    Bybit has specific requirements for the number of blockchain confirmations needed for various coins before the transfer amount can be credited to your Bybit Wallet. 
    You can find the details regarding the required blockchain confirmations in the Important Note section on the Deposit page.

    Deposited coin with invalid or missing tag/memo The main reason why traders' deposits did not arrive timely is due to the improper inputting of the deposit tag/memo when making the deposit transfer. 
    Since every Bybit account shares the same deposit wallet address for coins that require a deposit memo/tag, such as XRP, EOS, XYM, RUNE, and more. Therefore, traders must input the correct tag/memo when they make the deposits in order for it to be credited. 
    For more information, please refer to How to Recover a Deposit with Wrong or Missing Tag/Memo then proceed to fill up the Asset Recovery Form / Self-Service Appeal Form.
    Deposited through the Smart Contract method

    Not all coins deposited via the Smart Contract method are currently supported. Here are the details:


    ETH deposited using ERC-20 Smart Contract:

    • ETH Smart Contract deposits made after Dec-07-2023 06:52:23 AM +UTC (block height 18732750) will be automatically credited to your account within 24 hours.
    • For ETH Smart Contract deposits made before Dec-07-2023 06:52:23 AM +UTC (block height 18732750), please submit a retrieval request through the Asset Recovery Form if your deposit has not been credited.


    Other coins deposited using Smart Contract:

    • Smart Contracts deposit for coins other than ETH are not supported. Deposits must be completed using the Direct Transfer method.
    • For instance, TRC-20 (USDT), CAVAX (AVAX), BSC (BNB), MATIC smart contract deposits and others.
    • In case of accidental Smart Contract transfers, please submit a retrieval request through this Asset Recovery Form.
    Depositing unsupported coins or with unsupported chainsBybit only supports the deposit of coins listed within each trader's Assets page and their associated standard blockchain. 
    Nevertheless, in cases where deposit of unsupported coin or with unsupported chain is made, please obtain the information such as TXID, coin type, amount, blockchain link from the source of wallet/platform and submit your request via Asset Recovery Form.
    For more information, please refer to Depositing Unsupported Coins Into Your Bybit Account.

    Note: All asset recovery procedures are carried out on a best-effort basis and subject to recovery fees. Bybit cannot guarantee 100% asset recovery for all cases. In the event that Bybit does not manage to perform an asset recovery, traders will lose their unsupported coin deposits permanently. 




    Can I create multiple addresses for my deposit wallet? 

    You can create up to 20 wallet addresses for the ERC20 chain on the deposit page or in the address book. ​​Please note that once the additional wallet address is created, it cannot be removed. For the app, you must update to at least version 4.28.5.

    You can manage addresses in the Address Book to set the Address Name or set the preferred address at the top option of your deposit page.





    What is Pending Assets?

    Pending Assets refer to deposits awaiting credit confirmation for a specific blockchain. These deposits require additional time before they can be accessed for trading or withdrawal, in alignment with the deposit credit limit.

    Bybit has established a daily deposit credit limit for each particular blockchain. Deposits exceeding this limit will temporarily remain as non-tradable assets and can be viewed in the Pending Assets section on the Funding Account Page.


    It's worth noting that the deposit limit for the chosen chain undergoes an automatic refresh every day at 12 AM (midnight) UTC, ensuring that users have access to their assets once again.

    Where can I check the daily deposit limit for the specific coins?

    You may find the details in the Important Note section on the Deposit page.


    How do I know if the deposit hits an exceeding limit that is under Pending Assets?

    You will receive an email notification and push notification when your deposit hits the daily deposit limit. Also, you will see a ⚠ icon indicated under your deposit record on the Funding Account History page.


    What if my total pending assets are a few times more than the deposit limit?

    The maximum assets that can be released per day is capped at the daily deposit limit. 


    For example, the deposit limit for USDT via Arbi Chain is 100,000 USDT and your total pending asset for USDT is 300,000 USDT. The 300,000 USDT will be released to your account in three days, with 100,000 USDT released per day.


    Please note that deposits in different coins with different chains may have different deposit limits. 

    Can I request to release the coins that are under the Deposit Exceeding Limit?

    Unfortunately, you cannot release the deposit before its designated time, but you can withdraw the excess amount once the daily deposit limit refreshes.


    On the app, please go to the Assets ta​​b → FundingPendi​​ng Assets, select the coin and tap on Withdraw.




    On the website, please go to the Funding page Pending Assets, and click on Withdraw.


    What should I do if my deposit falls under Abnormal Asset Origin and appears under Pending Assets?



    Please refer to the following actions if your deposit falls into any of the statuses listed below:


    Pending AppealPlease click on the Appeal button on the Web to proceed with the verification.
    Appeal in ProgressPlease allow two (2) days for the team to review. The result will be sent through email or you may find the status on the Assets Page.
    Appeal SuccessfulThe appeal is successful, you can proceed to make a withdrawal on the Assets Page.
    Appeal FailedFor the final decision, please refer to the email notification. Appeals cannot be made again.
    I want to make a deposit but the service for this token/chain is currently suspended. How can I get notified when this particular token/chain service has been resumed?
    You can now set automatic alerts on the Deposit page by selecting the token and chain type of your choice and clicking on Set Alert
    FAQ - Crypto Dep 06.png

    Alternatively, you can go to  the Deposit/Withdrawal status page and search for the token and chain. The Set Alert button will be visible for next to the “Suspended” deposit status.
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