Common Reasons and Solutions for KYC Verification Failures
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    How to check my KYC verification result

    Once your KYC verification is completed, Bybit will send the KYC verification result via a notification email. You can check the reason for rejection from your Bybit account registered mailbox. Please do not reply to the email as it is a system auto-generated email. 



    Alternatively, you can check your KYC verification result from the Identity Verification page by clicking on the [?]  icon.



    The following are common reasons and solutions for KYC verification failures: 

    Rejected Reason 

    Possible Scenario/Description

    Solutions / Tips

    Required Documents Related Issues

    Invalid ID

    1. The system has detected that your full name/date of birth on the profile is incorrect, missing or unreadable.

    2. The uploaded document does not contain your face photo or the photo of your face is not clear.

    3. The uploaded Passport does not contain your signature.

    1. Your Full name, Date of Birth, and Validity date need to be shown clearly and readable.

    2. Your facial features need to be clearly displayed.

    3. If you are uploading a Passport image, please make sure the passport has your signature.


    Accepted Proof of Identity Documents include:

    • Passport
    • National Identity Card
    • Residence Permit
    • Driving License 

    Unaccepted Proof of Identity Documents include:

    • Student Visa
    • Working Visa
    • Travel Visa

    Invalid document photo

    1. The quality of uploaded documents may be blurred, cropped or you have masked your identity information.

    2. Uploaded irrelevant photos of identity documents or proof of address.

    1. Your Full name, Date of Birth, and Validity date need to be readable and make sure that all the corners of the document are shown clearly.

    2. Please reupload any acceptable identity documents such as your Passport, National identity card, or Driving license.

    Invalid proof of address

    1. The proof of address provided shows another person's name instead of your name.


    2. You submitted an unacceptable document for proof of address.


    3. The submitted residential address proof is from a restricted country according to Bybit's policies.

    1. Your name and full residential address must be clearly shown on the documents.

    2. Except for the Proof of Identity, your Proof of Address must be dated within the last three months. Documents older than three months will be rejected.



     Accepted Proof of Address Documents include:
    • Proof of Identity containing your full name and full residential address (National ID, Passport, Driving Licence or Residence Permit)
    • Utility bills
    • Official bank statements
    • Residential proof issued by the government
    • Internet/cable TV/house phone line bills
    • Tax returns/Council tax bills 

    Unaccepted Proof of Address Documents include:

    • ID card/Driver’s license/Passport 
    • Mobile phone statement
    • Tenancy agreement
    • Insurance document
    • Medical bills
    • Bank transaction slips
    • Bank or company referral letter
    • Handwritten invoice/receipt for purchases
    • Border passes

    Screenshot / Not original document

    1. The system detects a screenshot/scan copy/printed document that is not acceptable.

    2. The system detects a paper copy instead of the original document.

    3. The system detects black and white photos of documents.

    1. Make sure the uploaded document is the original file/PDF format.

    2. Make sure the photo you uploaded has not been edited with image processing softwares (Photoshop, etc) and it is not a screenshot.

    3. Please upload a colored document/photo.

    Missing document page

    Some pages from uploaded documents are missing.

    Please upload a new photo of the document with all four corners visible and a new photo of the document (front and back sides). Ensure that the document page with important details is included.

    Damaged document

    The quality of the uploaded document is poor or damaged.

    Make sure that the entire document is visible or readable; not damaged and there is no glare on the photo.

    Expired document

    The uploaded identity document is expired.

    Make sure that the identity document is still within the validity date and not expired.

    Unrecognized language

    The document is uploaded in unsupported languages such as Arabic, Sinhala, Burmese, etc. 

    Please upload another document with Latin characters or your international passport.

    Face recognition related issues

    Face unmatched / Document is inconsistent with the face recognition

    1. The system detects that documents in the profile belong to another person whereby your face does not match the photo as proof of identity.

    2. The system failed to proceed with your face recognition between documents or your face does not match the photo as proof of identity.

    1. Please make sure the facial features match with the document uploaded and the facial features must be clear and visible. Make sure that your document consists of your full name, full date of birth and a clear photo of your face.

    2. Please make sure only one person is in the frame when doing face recognition. Selfie mismatch is strictly prohibited.

    Invalid selfie

    1. Poor quality of face selfie  detected by the system.

    2. The system failed to proceed with your face scanning.

    1. Redo the face recognition and avoid shaking or in a dark environment.

    2. Please ensure you follow the correct instruction of face recognition by centering your face in front of the camera and slowly turning your head around the circle within the frame.

    Violation of Bybit Terms and condition

    Multiple accounts detected with the same document

    The system detects other verified Bybit accounts with the same ID information.

    Please be informed that Bybit only allows one account to process verification for each person. Please keep the account that has been verified successfully previously. You can now transfer your Identity Verification information to another Bybit account. To learn more, please click here.

    Multiple submissions with invalid document

    Submission denied due to excessive file uploads.

    If your application has been denied more than 10 times within a 24-hour period, please wait another 24 hours to try again.

    Service restricted countries

    The system detects that you are from a region or country that is not supported by Bybit. For more information, please refer to Restricted Country/Region.

    You are not allowed to perform trades or use the services on the Bybit platform.

    Submit a case support ticket
    here if you would like to appeal the KYC result.

    Below 18 years old

    The system detects you do not meet the age requirements.

    Not exceeding 18 years old are not allowed to perform trade or use the Bybit platform. Submit a case support ticket here if you would like to appeal the KYC result.


    How to resubmit my KYC verification

    Before your next attempt, please carefully read our requirements and prepare the relevant supporting documents. Get your equipment and camera ready,  and make sure you are in a bright environment. When you are all set, click on [Verify Now] to re-do your KYC verification.




    — You will receive your latest KYC verification result within 15-20 minutes after resubmission.

    — If you do not receive the email, please check your junk/spam folder to determine if the email has unintentionally landed there. You can also whitelist Bybit domain in your email inbox settings. For more information, please refer to: Troubleshooting: Unable to receive Email verification code.

    — If you did not see our email in your Junk/Spam folder, it is probably because your profile violates Bybit Terms of Service, such as restricted country/region, underage, or risk profile detected. Should you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our LiveChat support or submit a case here. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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