How to Transfer Your Identity to Another Account
    bybit2024-04-25 11:23:29

    Users can now transfer their Verified Identity information from one verified account to another. However, to ensure account security, some conditions need to be met before users can perform the Identity Transfer.  You will also need to go through a verification process before you can complete the Identity Transfer.


    Before you start to transfer your identity, please take note of the following: 

    1. The identity transfer feature will only be available 24 hours after you complete KYC verification.

    2. You cannot transfer your identity again within 180 days after a successful transfer.

    3. The account receiving the Verified Identity must have an unverified status. 

    4. The current account and target account will be restricted from Withdrawals and Fiat product for 24 hours after Identity Transfer.

    5. Upon completing the identity transfer, if you have assets remaining in your old account (which is unverified), you can still perform withdrawals or internal transfers after the 24-hour withdrawal restriction timeframe. However, if you intend to make an internal transfer, the destination account must be a verified account.

    6. Accounts which hold fiat currency assets and have pending P2P orders or advertisements are not allowed to transfer identity. 

    7. If you have deposited via One-Click Buy with a bank card, you are required to remove the bank card here before transferring your identity.

    8. For Bybit card holders, it is advised to terminate your Bybit card through the card management page before proceeding with the identity transfer. For more information please consult the Bybit Card FAQ.

    9. After the transfer is completed, any rewards not received by the current account will no longer be available, while any rewards already received will remain in the current account. Please note that the new account that receives Verified Identity status cannot repeatedly receive rewards for activities that the current account has already participated in, such as welcome gifts for new users.

    10. Only your Verified Identity information will be transferred. No registered referral code, affiliate code, assets, or registered email/mobile number associated with the current account will be transferred.

    11. The feature is currently available on the PC website only.

    12. The feature is only available for Individual Identity Verified users and not for Business Verified accounts or for users from the Netherlands already verified with Satos.

    13. In the event that you have already requested the self-deactivation of your current account, and are unable to log in for the identity transfer, please submit a ticket here for assistance.


    Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to transfer your Individual Verified Identity to another account. 


    Step 1: Go to your Identity Verification and click on Verify Now.



    Step 2: Click on the Identity Transfer button in the upper right corner of the Identity verification page.

    KYC transfer 01.png


    Step 3: To ensure the security of your account and funds, you will be required to complete some verification of your current account, such as facial recognition or a security verification code. Please ensure you have followed the instructions displayed on the screen.

    KYC transfer 02.png       KYC transfer 03.png


    Step 4: Before starting the Identity Transfer, please make sure you have acknowledged the Terms and Conditions in the pop-up window and click on Continue.

    output (14).png


    Step 5: Make sure to fill in the correct registered email address or mobile number of the target account and click on Continue.

    KYC transfer 05.png    KYC transfer 06.png 



    Step 6: Complete the Security Verification by entering your email or SMS verification Code sent to your target account.

    KYC transfer 07.png


    Step 7: You will have successfully transferred the identity information to the target account after you have passed the verification. Your current account will return to unverified status.

    KYC transfer 08.png    

    KYC transfer 09.png

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