How to Buy Coins With Your Fiat Balance
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    How to Buy Coins With Your Fiat Balance

    We support a variety of fiat currencies to buy coins, including BRL, ARS, EUR, GBP and more. Before buying coins with your fiat balance, please ensure to have enabled the 2FA verification. To set up, please head to Account & Security –> Two-Factor Authentication and follow the guide here to bind your account with 2FA verification.

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you buy coins with your fiat balance.



    On Desktop

    Step 1: Click on Buy Crypto –> One-Click Buy on the top left corner of the navigation bar to enter the One-Click Buy page.




    Step 2: Place an order through the following steps:
    Take BRL/USDT as an example: 

    a. Select the fiat currency — BRL — that you want to pay in.

    b. Select the coin you would like to receive in your Funding Account. 

    c. Enter the purchase amount. You can enter the transaction amount based on fiat currency amount or coin amount, according to your needs.

    d. Select BRL Balance as your payment method.




    Step 3: Click on Buy With BRL.


    Note: The Reference price will refresh every 30 seconds.

    Step 4: Confirm that the details you’ve entered are correct, and then click on Confirm.




    Step 5: Your transaction is complete. The coin will be deposited into your Funding Account within 1–2 minutes. 

    • Click on View Asset to check your balance. You’ll receive your order status by email and notifications, if you've enabled them. 

    • Click on Buy More. You’ll be redirected to the order page.



    To view your order history, please click on Orders in the upper right corner for more details.

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