How to Buy Crypto with P2P Trading
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    Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you — as a buyer — start your first P2P transaction on Bybit.




    Step 1: Please click on More P2P on the home page. 


    Buy P2P 01.png 






    Step 2: On the Buy page, you can filter advertisers by entering your desired criteria for Coin Type, Amount, Fiat Currencies, Payment Methods and more, based on your transaction needs. 


    Buy P2P 02.png 



    In each advertiser cardboard,


    Buy P2P 03.png


    1. The numbers displaying order quantity and percentage on the right-hand side refer to:

    • Number of orders made in 30 days

    • Completion rate in 30 days

    1. The Price refers to the reference price that counterparties are offering. 

    2. The Quantity and Limits display the available balance for this advertisement as well as the minimum and maximum transaction limits per order, in fiat terms.

    3. The last row of the cardboard displays the Payment Method. You can see all supported payment methods for the advertisement you've selected. 






    Step 3: Choose your preferred advertisement, then click on Buy


    Buy P2P 04.png






    Step 4: Enter the amount of fiat you want to pay, or the amount of coins you want to receive, and click on Buy to proceed.


    Buy P2P 05.png



    You’ll be redirected to the order page, where you will see a countdown timer to transfer the money to the seller's bank account. 


    Make payment in fiat according to the payment method you have selected. Ensure you are transferring the right amount to the right account via the right methods. After you have done, click the Pay Now button to notify the seller.


    Buy P2P 06.png



    For P2P transactions with Fiat will only be processed via the Funding account so please ensure that your funds are in your Funding account before starting a transaction. 

    — Your bank account name must be consistent with your registered name on Bybit. Otherwise, your account might be suspended and you may encounter permanent asset loss as the seller has a right to refuse to release the coin to you.

    — P2P on Bybit offers zero transaction fees for both buyer and seller. However, Buyers may need to pay transaction fees to the payment provider based on the payment method selected. 

    — In order to provide a safer trading environment, our system comprehensively evaluates every transaction to determine its risk level. Should the transaction be deemed risky, a 24 hours withdrawal restriction will be imposed on the relevant account(s).

    By clicking on Contact Seller, you will be redirected to the Order Chat Box which allows you to easily communicate with sellers in real time.






    Step 5: You might be required to submit the payment receipt or enter the actual transfer amount in the pop-out window before completing the transaction. Acknowledge the rules and click on Confirm if you have provided the necessary information.


    Buy P2P 07.png 


    Note: You are only able to click the Confirm button after you have submitted the payment proof or enter the exact amount you are required to pay.






    Step 6: Click on Payment Completed once you've completed the payment if you are not required to submit any payment receipt or enter the transfer amount. You can click on the Chat box to access the Order Chat Box to easily communicate with sellers in real time.


    Buy P2P 08.png






    Step 7

    a. Once the coins you've purchased have been successfully released by the seller, you can check your assets in the Funding Account.


    Buy P2P 09.png


    Note: Some accounts might enjoy the Saving Subscription upon P2P purchase. The coin will then be credited to your Earn Account. 



    You can also go back to the advertiser list and click on the three-dot menu on the upper right corner to view your order history. 


    Buy P2P 10.png




    b. If the seller fails to release the coins after 10 minutes, you can submit an appeal by clicking on the Need Help button to get assistance. For more detailed information about appeal guidelines, please refer to this article. Our customer support team will assist you in the Order Chat Box. During this period, please do not cancel the order unless you've received a refund from your seller.


    If your issue isn't addressed in the Help Center, submit a webform via the link here for further assistance. To help you solve any problems more efficiently, please provide your UID, P2P order number and any applicable screenshot(s).

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