How to Get Started With Smart Leverage
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    Here's a step-by-step guide to placing your first order with Smart Leverage on Bybit.





    Buy a Smart Leverage Plan

    Step 1: Navigate to the Smart Leverage Page

    To access Bybit Smart Leverage, first launch the Bybit App. From the homepage, select Bybit Earn. This will take you to the Bybit Earn page, where you can then select Smart Leverage.


    Step 2: Choose a Smart Leverage Plan

    Explore the available plans based on Coin, Direction, Leverage, Breakeven Price, Term and select the one you would like to purchase. Then, tap on Buy Now.


    GS Smart Leverage 10.png

    Step 3: Create Your Smart Leverage Plan

    Enter the amount you wish to invest and ensure you acknowledge all the parameters you chose. Then, tap on Buy Now.



    Tips: Use the simulator to estimate potential Profit and Loss (P&L) by selecting the coin, indicating the direction, and entering the investment amount.

    Step 4: Confirm the Order Parameters

    Please ensure that all the order parameters you set are accurate. Then, tap on Confirm.




    Congratulations! You have successfully subscribed to the plan.



    — The breakeven price is determined by various factors, including volatility and time remaining until expiration. The breakeven price is calculated in real time.

    — Profit is only realized when the settlement price exceeds the breakeven price in the corresponding direction. 

    View Your Orders

    To check the details of your Smart Leverage orders, please tap on View My Order in the pop-up window of the successful order notification. 


    Alternatively, you can tap on My Holdings at the top right corner of the Bybit Earn page, then select Smart Leverage to enter the Smart Leverage page to view your order details.



    Early Redemption

    Please go to the details page of the order you would like to redeem. Tap on the details card, and proceed to tap on Redeem.


    GS Smart Leverage 01.png



    — There may be a slight discrepancy in the actual proceeds, capped at 0.5% due to market movement.

    — Early redemption is not possible if the calculated payoff is negative or equal to 0. Additionally, it will no longer be available starting from one hour before settlement.

    Share Your Order

    To share your order, tap on the Share button located at the top right corner of your Order Details page. This allows you to share your order performance on social media accounts such as Telegram, X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, and WhatsApp in one click.


    GS Smart Leverage 02.png 

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