Everything You Need to Know to Get Started on Bybit
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    Welcome to Bybit — a global cryptocurrency exchange that offers a comprehensive suite of products ranging from Spot to Derivatives trading, Earn products where you can grow your assets, as well as access to Web3 services.



    Get started in 5 quick and easy steps!

    Step 1: Register for an Account

    Step 2: Complete Identity Verification and Advanced Protection

    Step 3: Deposit Crypto

    Step 4: Buy Crypto

    Step 5: Explore Bybit Beginner-Recommended Products




    Step 1: Register for an Account

    To register for a Bybit account, you can go to Bybit Website, or download the Bybit App, and register with your email address or phone number. Do note that only one (1) email address and/or phone number will only be allowed to open one (1) Bybit account. 

    Before you register, please also note that Bybit does not offer services or products to users in certain excluded jurisdictions. For more information, please refer to Service Restricted Countries.






    Step 2: Complete Identity Verification 

    You can complete Identity Verification on your Bybit account to unlock fiat deposit, increase withdrawal limits, and gain the ability to participate in Bybit's highly anticipated events such as Launchpad and/or Bybit Earn products. This verification process typically takes a few minutes to complete, which includes verifying your basic account information, providing ID documentation, and uploading a selfie.

    By completing Identity Verification, it enables you to all Bybit’s product and services. In the case of lost credentials, an identity-verified account provides a simpler process to help you to recover your account.

    Be sure to enhance the security of your Bybit account. While we do everything to keep your account secure, you also have the power to tighten up your Bybit account security and lessen the possibility of hacking. See our Security Tips for more information.






    Step 3: Deposit Crypto

    If you already hold crypto in another wallet, you can deposit them into your Bybit Account. Please refer to this article for more information on how to make a deposit into your Bybit account. If you do not have any crypto in another wallet, please refer to step 4 on how to buy crypto on Bybit. 

    Please note that you should never share your Bybit account passwords, private keys, or 2FA codes with anyone. Bybit will never ask you to disclose any sensitive information.






    Step 4: Buy Crypto

    Buy Crypto is a service that allows users to buy cryptocurrency using fiat currency. Bybit supports different methods, and each method supports different fiat currency.

    One-Click Buy allows users to buy and sell coins through any of our supported payment methods — P2P Trading, Bank Card Payment, Third Party Payment or Fiat Balance.

    See our How to Buy and Sell Coins With One-Click Buy on Bybit article for a step-by-step guide on how to buy crypto through One-Click Buy.


    You may also buy crypto on our P2P portal. This allows you to buy crypto directly from other crypto enthusiasts like yourself. Visit this page to learn more about how to buy crypto on P2P.


    You may deposit Fiat into your Bybit account using different methods such as bank transfer or (formerly Advcash) depending on the respective currency. Once deposited, the fiat will be deposited to your Funding Account and you can use your fiat balance to buy crypto directly.






    Step 5: Explore Bybit Beginner-Recommended Products

    Once you have deposited crypto into your Bybit account, you can start exploring the various trading products offered by Bybit. Here are some beginner-recommended products:

    In our Spot market, you can trade with hundreds of cryptocurrencies. Crypto Spot trading is a transaction between buyers and sellers to trade one cryptocurrency for another at the current market price. You may refer to this article on How to Trade on Spot.

    If you are not ready to trade yet, but still want to grow your crypto holdings, you may look to our Earn products. Explore a full suite of financial products such as Bybit Savings, Dual Assets, Liquidity Mining, and more to earn some passive income while you get comfortable with trading.

    Read more: Differences Between Bybit Earn Products

    Alternatively, if you like to champion new tokens, you can dip your toes into Bybit Launchpad — a token launch platform for innovative blockchain projects. Bybit Launchpad gives users access to pre-listing rounds and allows them to earn new tokens directly on Bybit. Read here for more information. 



    Bybit Copy Trading offers a simple and transparent way to follow trading strategies, making it a win-win experience for both seasoned traders and new-to-trading Followers.


    Beginners can sync their trades with their selected Master Traders to realize similar profits while only contributing 10% of their profits to Master Traders as commission.


    While Copy Trading can be lucrative, please be reminded that the past performance of Master Traders is not a guarantee of future returns. Please also note that the return on investment (ROI) of Followers may vary from their Master Traders due to slippage.


    Read more:

    Help Center: Copy Trading

    Bybit Learn: Copy Trading




    Looking for more advanced products? Feel free to explore more!




    Our Final Tips:

    To round off your trading experience on Bybit, we recommend exploring the following pages:

    1. Bybit Learn — Your one-stop portal to learn all about blockchain and crypto,
    2. Rewards Hub — Claim various rewards by completing simple tasks
    3. Latest Activities — Participate in ongoing events and earn rewards

    If you face any issues or have any concerns, please submit a ticket via this form, and our Customer Support team will reach out to you as soon as possible. 



    Please note that trading cryptocurrencies involves significant risks and may result in the loss of your capital. You should always do your own research to understand the risks involved before you trade.


    Finally, we are glad to have you onboard our Crypto Ark!

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