FAQ — Bybit Card General Inquiries (EEA & CH)
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    What is the Bybit Card? 

    Bybit Card is a Mastercard debit card that allows easy and secure access to your funds wherever and whenever making it the ultimate companion on your crypto journey.


    With a reliable and convenient way to off-ramp your crypto and spend on the go, Bybit Card helps you to maximize and fully integrate crypto into your daily life. You can use your earnings from Bybit's full suite of trading products and pay for your purchases instantly.


    You can also unlock a world of exclusive benefits with the Bybit Card Loyalty Rewards Program—including rewards from partners, such as unique offers and special experiences.


    For more information, please visit here.

    What is the difference between Bybit Card Lite and the Standard Cards?


    Bybit Card Lite

    Bybit Virtual Card

    Bybit Physical Card

    • Card will be subjected to a Lifetime Spending Limit of 150 EUR which is available for spending through Fiat and Crypto.

    • There is no Physical Card for the Lite version.

    Both cards have a higher Spending limit compared to Bybit Card Lite

    Support ATM withdrawal


    Users can upgrade from Card Lite to Standard Virtual Card and Physical Card anytime subsequently upon completing the Address Verification. 

    Who can apply for the Bybit EEA Card

    You will need to be able to provide the following documents during Bybit Card application:

    1. Identity Verification: Proof of Identity such as National ID, Passport, EEA or Swiss Residence Permit (with validity of at least 6 months) or EEA/Swiss Driving License.

    2. Address Verification: Proof of Address from the eligible EEA countries (except Croatia, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein and Romania) or Switzerland issued within the last three (3) months.


    Bybit reserves the final decision to decline any applications upon internal evaluation of risk at Bybit’s discretion.


    For more information on Bybit Card application guide, please refer here




    Can Bybit Card be added to digital wallets like Google Pay?

    Yes, adding your Bybit Card to Google Pay is now available on Android. To do so, simply open your Bybit App and on the Bybit Card page, tap on Card → Add to Google Pay, complete the security verification, and follow the instructions on your Google Pay app. 


    FAQ - Bank Card 05.png


    You can also add your card like any other card when using Google Pay or by going to your Google Pay app.



    — Google Pay on iOS is currently not supported.

    — Google Pay cannot be added using the website.

    Google Pay is not available to users from Switzerland, Estonia and Norway.




    Can Bybit Card be added to digital wallets like Apple Pay?

    Yes, adding your Bybit Card to Apple Pay is now available on iOS and Apple Watch. Before doing so, please ensure that you are:

    (i) using Bybit Card (EEA & CH)

    (ii) in Apple Pay's supported country or region

    (iii) using the latest version of iOSwatchOSmacOS, or visionOS, and 

    (iv) confirm that you have Face IDTouch IDOptic ID, or a passcode set on your device.


    To add Bybit Card to Apple Pay, simply find Wallet/Watch on your iOS device and click on the Add Card button. Then, follow the instructions to add your Bybit Card details and complete the security verification.


    Apple Pay 01.png



    — Apple Pay on Android is not supported.

    — Apple Pay cannot be added using the website.

    — Apple Pay is not available to users from Switzerland, Estonia and Norway.

    — You can see the transaction history in Apple Wallet and Bybit Card transaction history.

    — The tick mark with 'Done' means that the Apple device has passed the payment details to the terminal. Payment declined could be due to a decline by Bybit or Mastercard.

    — All cards in the device's Apple Wallet will be suspended when the device is reported lost/stolen. The same card on another device will not be affected.




    Which currencies does Bybit Card support?

    The currencies for Bybit Card are composed of fiat currencies and multiple crypto assets:

    • Supported fiat currencies: EUR or GBP (based on your Address Verification during Bybit Card application)

    • Supported crypto: BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, USDC, TON, MNT & BNB.




    I have multiple supported cryptocurrencies in my Funding Account, which crypto will be utilized for my Bybit Card transactions and in what sequence?

    You can select up to 8 types of payment crypto for your Bybit Card transactions and the default payment priority is USDT > USDC > MNT > TON > BTC > ETH > XRP > BNB. However, you can manage your spending currencies, including adding, removing, or changing the order on the Card Dashboard page.


    Click on the Paying With and you will be prompted a manage window. Then, you can either (a) manage the order by dragging it up and down or (b) add and remove the coins from the list. Once complete, you can make a purchase using your Bybit Card, the system will follow the payment priority you've set.






    I have completed my Identity Verification, why am I required to verify again during the Bybit Card application?

    Bybit Card has more stringent requirements for Identity Verification. Hence, you may be required to update your Identity Verification even though you have already completed your Bybit account’s Identity Verification previously.


    For more information on Bybit Card application guide, please refer here.




    What are the fees associated with Bybit Card?

    Please refer to Fees and Limits.

    How to activate your Virtual Bybit Card?

    Please go to your Settings page and complete your personal information which includes your Billing Address, Mobile Number and Security Questions before you can unlock the access to online and overseas transactions. To learn more about how to activate your card, please consult this guide.




    Can I change my phone number in the Bybit Card settings?

    Yes, the number added in the Bybit Card can be changed and will be utilized for Bybit Card transactions. Please note that it operates independently from your Bybit account. 


    If you would like to change the mobile number associated with your Bybit account, please refer to this guide.




    How to activate my Bybit Card for overseas transactions? 

    There is no need to activate your Bybit Card for overseas transactions separately.




    Can I apply for a physical Bybit card?

    Yes. However, you must first obtain a virtual Bybit card before you can apply for a physical card. Please note that there is an issuance fee for the physical card. For more information on Bybit Card applications, please refer to the article here.




    How can I track my physical card delivery?

    Currently, only the VIP users enjoy the DHL delivery tracking services. However, a tax ID is required in certain countries when applying for a DHL delivery. These countries include Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Find more information here on how to apply for a VIP. For application procedure, please refer to this guide.




    Can I appeal if my Bybit Card application is rejected?

    Yes. Please submit your application appeal request here. However, Bybit reserves the final decision to decline any applications upon internal evaluation of risk at Bybit’s discretion.

    How to deposit funds to my Bybit card?

    Bybit Card does not have its own wallet balance. It derives funds from your Funding account. 

    You can deposit funds to your Funding Account by purchasing fiat or crypto using our Buy Crypto function. You can also deposit crypto from other platforms/wallets.

    A guide on how to buy crypto can be found here.

    How to use my Bybit Card?

    You can use your Bybit Card at any merchant that accepts Mastercard. Please note that the Bybit Card is a debit card. Therefore, you will not be able to use it for credit card transactions. Illegal use in connection with your Bybit Card is prohibited and may result in termination. 

    To learn more about how to make payments with your Bybit Card, please click here.

    How many Bybit Cards can I hold at one time?

    You can only hold one active virtual Bybit Card and one active physical Bybit Card at a time. You may apply again after you terminate the card. 




    How long is the Bybit card valid for?

    Bybit Card is valid for 3 years. The virtual Bybit Card will be automatically renewed after expiration.

    How to upgrade my Bybit Card tier?

    Bybit Card tier follows your Bybit account's VIP level. For more information on the Bybit Card benefits of different VIP levels, please refer here

    Can I adjust my Bybit Card spending limits?

    No. For more information, please refer to Fees and Limits.

    Will there be a monthly Bybit Card statement?

    No, there will not be any Bybit Card monthly statements provided.

    Will my Bybit Card be temporarily suspended if my Bybit account is suspended?

    Your Bybit card will not be suspended. However, your Bybit card transactions will fail if your Bybit account is suspended.

    What should I do if my Bybit Card is lost or stolen?

    Please report your Bybit Card as Lost/Stolen immediately. To learn more about how to process, please refer to Security and Verification.

    Can I still edit my shipping address for my physical Bybit Card while my address change is being reviewed?

    Yes, you can change the shipping address during review without additional card issuance fee. By doing so, the previous review that was pending will be canceled.

    Can I change the shipping address for my physical Bybit Card after my application has been approved and the payment was made?

    Yes, you can change your shipping address within 30 days upon application. You may click on Incorrect Address? on the Card Management page to request the termination of your current order, edit your shipping address and submit a new physical application.


    On the App

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    On the Website

    FAQ - Bybit Card EEA 01.png

    How long does it take to get my physical Bybit Card?

    The Bybit Card team will arrange to deliver your physical Bybit Card to your address as soon as possible. Please wait patiently for it to be delivered as there might be a delay due to high demand. Depending on your country of residence, it typically takes up to 30 days for the card to be delivered.

    What should I do if my card does not arrive after 30 days?

    You may click on Not Received? on the Card Management page to request the termination of your current order and submit a new physical application.


    On the App


    FAQ - Bybit Card EEA 04.png



    On the Website


    FAQ - Bybit Card EEA 03.png





    When should I activate my physical Bybit Card?

    You can activate your physical Bybit Card upon receiving it. To learn more about how to activate your physical card, please refer here.

    Is there a deadline to activate my physical Bybit Card?

    There is no deadline for activating your physical Bybit Card. 

    I have previously terminated my physical Bybit Card. Can I re-order it?

    You can re-order a new physical Bybit Card if you have previously terminated it. You may refer to the steps here.

    Can I make contactless payments with my physical Bybit Card?

    You can make contactless payments with your physical Bybit Card at retail merchants with contactless-enabled point-of-sales (POS) terminals. Please note that in order to initiate a contactless payment, you need to first complete a Chip and PIN transaction (that is, insert the card into a POS terminal and authorize it with your PIN) with your physical Bybit Card.


    In Europe, the contactless limits under the PSD2 regulation also apply to Bybit Card. Currently, the maximum amount of a single contactless payment is 50 EUR, and the cumulative amount of contactless payments is 150 EUR. Additionally, the maximum number of consecutive contactless payments is 5 times. If you're making a contactless payment that exceeded these limits, your transaction will be declined. You may reset the limit by performing a Chip and PIN transaction on your next payment, after which, you will be able to make contactless payments again.

    How can I withdraw cash from an ATM with my Bybit Card?

    You can withdraw cash with your physical Bybit Card from any ATM worldwide that supports Mastercard (look out for the Mastercard logo!).

    Are there any ATM fees and limits for my Bybit Card?

    Yes, there is a 2% Bybit Card ATM withdrawal fee for the amount that exceeds 100 EUR/GBP in the EEA each month. Bybit Card foreign exchange and/or crypto conversion may also apply (if any). Please refer to Fees and Limits (Bybit Card) article for a more detailed explanation. 


    In addition, some ATM merchants may charge an ATM Access Fee and/or may prompt currency conversion to your card currency. Do take note of this and read the instructions on the ATM screen carefully. These are fees and services provided by the ATM service provider.

    Are there separate spending limits for my physical and virtual Bybit Card?

    No. Both physical and virtual Bybit Cards share one limit. For more information, please refer to the Fees and Limits (Bybit Card)

    How do I order a replacement for my physical Bybit Card?

    If your physical Bybit Card is damaged/not working, or you have reported the loss of your physical Bybit Card, you can order a replacement for your Bybit Card by following the steps here.

    Any feedback about Bybit Card, let our product team know here!

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