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    What is Token Splash?

    Token Splash is an event open to all users, showcasing various new token listings. If you have an interest in specific new tokens or believe in their future potential, you can earn rewards by participating in Token Splash.

    How can I earn additional rewards with Token Splash?

    You can participate in the event and earn rewards through the following methods:

    1. Accumulate deposits of relevant tokens to meet or exceed the minimum required amount during the event period.

    2. Deposit an equivalent amount of USDT* and purchase the minimum required quantity of relevant tokens through Spot trading.

    3. During the task period, achieve or exceed the minimum required trading volume for the relevant tokens through Spot trading.


    * The requirements and rewards may vary depending on different token events, please always refer to the event details on this page for more information.

    Who qualifies to participate in the Token Splash event?

    All users who have completed individual Identity Verification (KYC) Lv.1 can participate in the event by clicking the Register Now button. To initiate your Identity Verification, please click here.


    Please note that Institutional users and Market Makers are not eligible for the Token Splash event.

    Can I use a Subaccount to participate in the Token Splash event?

    No, Token Splash participation is limited to Main Accounts at the moment. However, any trading volume conducted through Subaccounts or trading bots during the event period will be counted.

    How is the accumulated deposit amount calculated?

    All deposits made during the event period will be included in the calculation, including deposits made through on-chain transfers, P2P, and One-Click Buy. 



    Bob deposited 100 XYZ into his Bybit account and purchased 50 XYZ via both P2P and One-Click Buy.

    In this case, the accumulated XYZ deposit amount is 200 XYZ (100 XYZ + 50 XYZ + 50 XYZ).


    Note: Deposits via Internal Transfer are not included in the calculation.

    Will withdrawing tokens during the event affect my reward eligibility and accumulated deposit amount?

    No, you can withdraw tokens as you wish during the event period, and withdrawals will not affect your reward eligibility or cumulative deposit amount.

    How is trading volume calculated?

    During the event period, all Spot trades of the relevant tokens will be counted, including buy and sell Spot trades conducted in the Main Account, Subaccounts, or via Trading Bot (Spot Grid Bot or DCA Bot). API transactions will not be included.

    How to complete trading tasks & how are trading task rewards calculated?

    To be eligible for rewards, participants must successfully register and trade spot products of the specified tokens during the task period, meeting the minimum required amount. The more you trade, the higher the reward.


    Reward calculation formula

    (Your total spot trading volume / Total spot trading volume of all participating users) * Total prize pool



    Total prize pool: 1000 USDT. During the event, a cumulative trading value of 50 USDT in XYZ is required to be eligible for rewards, with a personal reward limit of 50 USDT.

    During the event, both Ann and Bob completed the trading task.


    Ann's total spot trading volume: 100 USDT

    Bob's total spot trading volume: 1000 USDT

    Total spot trading volume of all participating users: 10,000 USDT

    Ann's reward = (100 / 10000) * 1000 USDT = 10 USDT

    Bob's reward = (1000 / 10000) * 1000 USDT = 100 USDT


    Note: The reward limit is 50 USDT. Therefore, Bob's final reward is capped at 50 USDT. Different token events may have different personal reward limits; please refer to the event landing page for details.

    How do I claim rewards?

    The rewards will be credited to the winners' Bybit Funding Accounts within 14 days after the event ends.

    Why did I not receive the reward even though I completed the task?

    The event rewards operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the maximum number of eligible users is reached, subsequent users who complete the task will be unable to receive rewards. Please refer to the event announcements and landing page for relevant reward information.

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