How to Convert Small Account Balance to MNT
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    To improve the utilization of small assets in your Bybit account, you can convert any assets worth less than 0.001 BTC or equivalent into MNT in a single conversion by following four simple steps. In order to perform the conversion of small balances to MNT, Unified Trading Account (UTA) users need to transfer their funds to their UTA while Standard Account users need to transfer all small balances to their Spot Account. Please note that you can make a small assets conversion every six hours.





    Step 1: Tap on Assets Unified Trading Account to enter the Unified Trading Assets page.


    SC MNT 07.png 

    Step 2: Tap on the Convert Small Balance to MNT icon to see the list of assets available to convert into MNT.


    SC MNT 08.png

    Step 3: Check the box next to the asset(s) you wish to exchange and click on Convert


    SC MNT 09.png



    — Quoted Price will refresh every 30 seconds.

    — If there is a price fluctuation of 0.5% or more during the conversion process, the conversion will not proceed.

    Step 4: Verify the details of the transaction and click on Confirm once done.


    SC MNT 10.png



    — Bybit will charge a 2% conversion fee (in MNT). 

    — The asset exchange value of each transaction cannot exceed the equivalent value of 0.001 BTC, and cannot be less than 0.00000001 MNT equivalent.

    — Delisted coins are not available for asset exchange.

    To check a detailed record of the conversion, please click on the History icon when you are on the Convert to MNT page.


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