How to Convert Your Assets
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    To further enhance the trading experience and convenience for our users, traders are able to convert their coins directly on Bybit for any of the cryptocurrencies supported on our Spot Account, Derivatives Account (or Inverse Derivatives Account), Unified Trading Account or Funding Account conversion feature.



    1. Conversion is currently only available via Spot, Funding, Derivatives, Inverse Derivatives and Unified Trading Accounts. Please transfer your funds to one of these accounts before proceeding with conversion.

    2. The bonus balance cannot be converted to other coins. It will not be forfeited upon submitting any coin conversion request as well.

    3. The real-time exchange rate is based on the best quote price from several market makers according to the current index price.

    4. For the minimum and maximum transaction limits of each coin, please refer to here.


    Here is a detailed guide on the steps to easily convert your assets.




    Step 1: Please click on the Assets button located at the bottom right-hand corner of the page. Then click on Convert.

    Convert 05.png


    Step 2: On the Convert page, you can perform the following steps:

    (A) Select the account you want to perform the conversion on. If you select Funding Account, it means that only the available balance in your Funding Account will be used for conversion. The converted amount will also be credited to your Funding Account. 

    (B) Select the asset you want to convert.

    (C) Enter the desired convert amount 

    (D) View the information on exchange rates 

    (E) Click on Convert

    Convert 06.png


    Congratulations! Your assets have been successfully converted.



    If the real-time exchange rate and quoted rate differ by more than 0.5%, your order will be automatically canceled.

    Under Cross Margin, your action may affect your liquidation price.

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