How to Add a Withdrawal Wallet Address
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    Here's a step-by-step guide to adding your withdrawal addresses to your Bybit account. 





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    • For the withdrawal of coins that require a tag/memo (e.g., XRP, EOS, XYM, XLM, XEM, and others), please remember to enter your Tag or EOS Memo for the transfer. Failure to do so will cause unnecessary delays in processing your withdrawal. 

    Step 1: To manage your address book, please go to your Assets page and tap on Withdraw. Select the coin of the wallet address you want to add, and then tap on Address Book on the Withdraw page.


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    Step 2: Once you’re on the Wallet management page, please tap on the Add Address button at the bottom of the page to add a new wallet address. Please note that adding wallet addresses in batch via the App is currently not supported.


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    Step 3: Fill in your withdrawal wallet address details. The following information is required:



    Select the coin supported for this wallet address.

    If you enable the Save as Universal Wallet Address feature, the wallet address can be used for all supported coins on that particular network and address.


    Enter your withdrawal wallet address. Please ensure accurate entry, and be mindful of case sensitivity when applicable.

    Chain Type

    Select the correct chain type for your address. If you have any doubts, please verify the wallet address information with the destination wallet address provider.

    Tag/Memo (Optional)

    Some blockchain networks require a tag/memo for successful fund transfers to the correct account. Please ensure to verify if a tag/memo is needed.


    Write down a remark for the address (not exceeding 20 characters) to easily identify this wallet address in your address book.

    Address Verification (Optional)

    Activate the No verification needed for this address next time option if you wish to skip verification steps for this address on Bybit during future withdrawal requests. To learn more about this option, please refer to How to Manage Your Withdrawal Address Book.

    Once you’re done, tap on Confirm.


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    If you would like to add an Internal Transfer account, simply enter your email address, mobile number, or UID of the Bybit account to which you would like to withdraw.


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    Step 4: If you haven't completed the verification steps, please do so to add the address to your address book.


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    Your wallet address has been added to your address book!


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    If you have activated the New Address Withdrawal Lock security feature, the withdrawal function will be restricted for 24 hours for the newly saved address or when you disable the security feature.


    To make any modifications to the addresses in your address book, simply tap on Edit and update the information accordingly. 


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