Introduction to Bybit Card’s Auto-Savings Function
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    The Auto-Savings function accessible via the Bybit Card dashboard, is a convenient tool to allow Bybit Card users to earn interest on their idle assets in Flexible Savings, while being able to automatically redeem those assets for spending with the Bybit Card when enabled.


    You can easily enable this function for specific coins that are supported on Flexible Savings based on your trading preferences (in case you may want to keep certain assets in your account as margin for leveraged trading, etc.). This enables effective planning and utilization of your idle crypto assets.


    A key advantage of the Auto-Savings function is its inherent flexibility. All assets that are automatically subscribed to Flexible Savings (via the Auto-Savings function or not) can be unstaked at any time. This ensures you maintain real-time access to your assets while being able to earn daily yield at the same time.

    Plus, you can also earn compounding interest on your Flexible Savings (not available directly on the Bybit Savings page) by enabling Auto-Deduction on the Bybit Card dashboard!

    How Does It Work?

    Once you enable the Auto-Savings function, our system takes a snapshot of your current holdings in Flexible Savings. Following this, at 10 AM UTC each day, the system will automatically allocate your transferable balance from your Funding Account to stake in Flexible Savings plans.


    The allocated amount during each execution of the subscription is subject to the maximum or minimum investment amount of Bybit Savings. If the required minimum investment amount is met, the funds will be automatically staked into Flexible Savings plans, up to the maximum investment amount.  However, if the limit is exceeded or not met, the Auto-Savings subscription will fail for that day. The specific staking limits can be found in the details of the corresponding Flexible Staking plans.

    How to Subscribe to/Spend Savings from Your Bybit Card Dashboard

    Here’s a step-by-step guide for subscribing to Bybit Savings from your Bybit Card dashboard, and enabling the auto-deduction of your holdings in Flexible Savings for spending with Bybit Card.





    Step 1: Click on More → Finance, then select Card to enter the Bybit Card page.





    Step 2: In the Spending Power on the Bybit Card asset page, find the Auto-Savings switch button and toggle it on. 




    By enabling the Auto-Savings button, the transferable balance of your payment crypto asset (shown under “Paying With”) in your Funding Account will automatically be used to subscribe to Flexible Savings plans the next day.






    Step 3: Once you've made your selection, please read carefully and make sure you acknowledge the information and then click on Confirm to enable this function.





    Step 4: If you would like to have the selected payment crypto asset and the payment assets staked in Flexible Savings deducted for Bybit Card payments, you may activate the Auto-Deduction button.

    When the Auto-Savings function is disabled, assets that have been used to subscribe to Flexible Savings plans will no longer be in staked. For more details, please refer here



    View Your Past Transactions

    You can view your successful transactions in your Funding Account History under Savings Subscription (Card) or Savings Redemption (Card).




    Additionally, you can also find your order records under Earn Order > Bybit Savings.




    For more detailed information on how the daily yield is calculated and other common questions, please refer to the FAQ — Bybit Savings.

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